What vitamins are needed for the puppy and adult dog?

For full development and maintenance of a healthy body, dogs need vitamins. Regardless of age, vitamins for dogs is very important. Below you will learn exactly what nutrients the pet needs and how to obtain them.

Vitamin A. Particularly in need growing body. Vitamin A supports the kidneys, lacrimal and salivary glands, thanks to him greatly exacerbated vision at different intensities of illumination. Vitamin a helps to improve dog’s immunity, increase resistance to infections and various diseases.

Sources. milk, blood, liver, cod liver, corn, egg yolk, various greens, carrots, sea buckthorn oil.

Vitamin B effectively treats a neurosis, anaemia and other diseases. Has a beneficial effect on the health of the skin and a wool cover, important to work the muscles, nervous system, mucous membranes of the eyes and oral cavity. Vitamin B promotes growth of animal and even prevents the emergence and development of avitaminozov.

Sources. meat (especially lamb), liver, fish, cheese, whey and other dairy products, brewer’s yeast, vegetables and some cereals.

Vitamin C contributes to the strengthening of anti-infectious protection.

Sources. vegetables and herbs, malt extract, seaweed and even grass.

Vitamin D is very important for privilegiata animal skeletal development. It protects the body from such disastrous diseases as rickets and adult dogs protects from atrophy of bone.

Sources. cod liver oil, fish oil.

Vitamin E needed for healthy skin, is responsible for the reproduction function, increases fertility. Its deficiency may lead to infertility.

Sources. wheat germ, and various oils, egg yolk. Also found in plant and meat products.

Vitamin F good for the skin.

Sources. linseed oil.

Vitamin K is important for proper functioning of many enzymes responsible for blood clotting. Participates in metabolism of protein, favors the absorption of calcium bones.

Sources. liver, meat and plant products: cabbage, spinach, parsley, etc.

Vitamin PP. The lack of this vitamin leads to the disease pellagra.

Sources. fish, meat, liver, buckwheat and legumes.

What to feed a puppy. Dry food or natural – host selects, but the quality of food must be approached with special attention.

Why not eat dog. Maybe she just has no appetite and it is not a serious disease. Read more about the problem in the article at the link.

Parasites such as mites in dogs will not drink as much blood as the master’s nerves. Of course, this is a rather dangerous insect, but basic prevention and watchful eyes will ensure the dog 100% safe from tick-borne diseases.

In addition to vitamins, trace elements animal need. Calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chlorine, iron, copper, cobalt, zinc, iodine, manganese. These substances in one way or another are contained in common products, but better to ensure their dog is through vitamin supplements.

If you feed your dog a complete, high-quality food, we do not give any vitamins, because everything necessary is already contained in prepared animal feeds. In the case of feeding with natural food is better to consult a veterinarian. The specialist will ask you what you feed your dog, ask the age of the animal, health check and pick up the necessary vitamin complex.

How to understand what vitamins you are missing a dog?

I. If the dog is biting the earth, bricks, or plaster, it lacks calcium.

II. Loss of appetite, lethargy, fatigue, not enough vitamin C.

III. Chewing Shoe insoles, Slippers, socks, or dirty – a lack of vitamin B.

IV. Eats cigarette butts – the lack of vitamin P.

V. Dermatitis, diarrhea, inflammation of the oral mucosa – not enough PP.

VI. The development of anemia, eating feces is a lack of vitamin B.

VII. Disheveled, dry hair, clouding of the cornea or watery eyes – lack of vitamin A.

VIII. Curvature of the bones of the forearm or if the hind limbs resemble the letter X – shortages of vitamin D.

For eating off the floor, angrisani master things and other items the puppy needs to be punished. Read how to teach your dog to pick up off the floor. and how to wean the puppy to chew on things. Having the right substances, the animal will cease to look for them.

To say specifically what vitamins are necessary for a dog your age and the content can only be a veterinarian. It will determine the necessary dose of vitamins and duration of the course. All the more reason to visit the doctor, see if the dog has any alarming symptom, indicating hypovitaminosis.

That’s it. With good quality, varied and well-balanced nutrition and daily walks, with exercise in the form of games, you will protect your pet from any vitamin deficiencies. Just follow the diet of the beast, and all will be fine.

By the way, look at the cute video below, where you will see the properly-socialized dog. About vitamins did not find anything good, so just raise your spirits

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What vitamins are needed for the puppy and adult dog?
For full development and maintenance of a healthy body, dogs need vitamins. Regardless of age, vitamins for dogs is very important. Below you will learn exactly what nutrients the pet…

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