What to feed Rottweilers: feeding puppies and adult Rottweilers at home.

If you have a dog at home, then you probably started to think, what to feed a Rottweiler? How to contain at home?

The Rottweiler is one of the representatives of official dog breeds. He has high intelligence for an animal, responds well to training. Having made the decision the envy of the Rottweiler, it is worth considering some nuances, namely: how to care for them, to train, what to feed a Rottweiler that he was healthy and fully developed.

What to feed a Rottweiler puppy?

Proper, balanced nutrition from the first days of your puppy’s life is the guarantee of a long and full life of your pet. From the first days you bring your dog in the house it should be taught to diet, balanced and systematic meal.

Puppy in age from two months to a year is to feed at least three times a day. You should start with six-session nutrition and gradually increase the number of meals to three.

Feeding should occur at precisely the scheduled time, in a special place. The dog will develop the habit and the correct mode.

The first feeding should take place before morning walk, and the last shortly before bedtime. The puppy will eat and not bodybuil you at night. At night to feed him is impossible.

The diet without frills. Perfect variety of cereals with pieces of raw meat. At the first stage it is possible to give preference to well-boiled rice (boil for at least 45 minutes on low heat) with chopped raw beef.

The portions should be the optimal level . so to allow your dog to satisfy your hunger, but not overeat. Food should not be continuously available, prepare and give her only during meal times. If the dog is not hungry, put a bowl of food. After some time, invite again, if during this time the dog refused, remove the food just wait for the next feeding. It is also possible to reduce some portion. Over time, you can enter additional products: cheese, fish, vegetables, soups. It is worth doing small portions.

Puppies categorically do not give bones, fresh bread, sausage, pork.

How to feed a Rottweiler using natural products?

Each owner decides for himself what to feed a Rottweiler, but most importantly, the food should be rich in complex vitamins, necessary for normal functioning. The Rottweiler is older, should eat no more than two times a day.

Dog menu should consist of different products to complement each other.

The main impact of feeding dogs large breed is for meat, offal, fish, eggs, cottage cheese. These products are filled with proteins needed for growth and the life of your pet. The right amount of carbohydrates dogs obtained from cereals. The best option would be buckwheat or rice. Boil them in water or broth of vegetables and meat. Do not cook barley porridge. It is poorly absorbed. It is also useful to give the dog the meat, poultry and fish.

Add fiber to the diet. For this ideal raw vegetables. They should be an easy addition to any meal and can be no more than 20%. The Rottweiler must receive in food cheese and other dairy products. Be sure to Supplement the meal with copious drinks and liquid dishes.

Products, which do not feed the Rottweiler

In order not to harm the health of a pet, it is necessary to observe certain taboos :

In the menu of the Rottweiler the presence of products such as milk, beans, barley, potatoes, sweets and any bone.

Milk can lead to disruption of the digestive system and upset stomach. It is better to replace kefir.

Legumes are heavy on the stomach and very hard to digest in dogs. You may receive bloating.

The potato contains much starch, and it is also not desirable.

The presence of sweets in the menu of the Rottweiler have a negative impact on vision.

Bone are necessary and useful, but not all. Do not give your pet bones. They are not digested in the stomach. And most importantly, their sharp pieces can damage the walls of the stomach and intestines.

Feeding Rottweiler dry food

The Rottweiler can be given as natural products . and dry food . Good dry food contains all of the required nutrients necessary for an active and cheerful pet. It significantly reduces the time spent on meals.

This is perfect for the busy urban dwellers. But it has its pitfalls. Quality food is quite expensive. Which adversely affects the elasticity of the purse. Cheap feed is often not able to provide a complete balanced diet required for such a large dog.

Before you feed your Rottweiler one way or another, weigh the pros and cons and assess your financial capabilities.

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