What to feed a Yorkshire Terrier puppy

Before every breeder sooner or later the question will arise: what to feed a Yorkshire Terrier puppy . how to do this correctly? What is necessary for his life and health?

Thinking diet, remember that the Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog, the digestive system it is very delicate. If large animals will not even notice the presence in food which is not fresh or is not suitable, then a small Terrier body will react immediately, and this can lead to serious problems.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the type of food to feed the pet. Natural and finished feed has its pros and its cons. Evaluate them, you will be able to make the right decision in what to feed a Yorkshire Terrier puppy .

What to feed a Yorkshire Terrier puppy?

Food natural type does not contain artificial additives, familiar to you and your pet. To prepare it, to consider all the elements, the owner should have experience and theoretical knowledge. It is inconvenient to feed your pet natural products, if you are on the road, outside the city. If you do decide to feed only natural pet food, remember the basis of a healthy diet dogs.

First of all, it’s raw beef, well cooked foods and a small amount of grain (boiled rice and buckwheat).In addition, it includes chopped vegetables (raw or cooked), cottage cheese, egg yolk and dairy products. All products must be fresh, processed before cooking and thoroughly washed. Meat, vegetables and everything else is cut in small pieces.

Food for Terrier

Prepared food – food that is specially created for all ages and breeds of dogs, so you can pick up even the novice. Using this food, the owner relieves himself from the need to cook food that saves time. Keep in mind that the opinion of experienced vets uniform – should not be given to Yorkshire Terriers dry food, he’s a bad influence on the food system, is composed of little water, so it is better to buy canned food.

Buying a puppy, do not forget to ask the seller what feed he gives the Terriers, and stick to the same version. To move from one type of feed to another should be gradual (including from one age group to another). To do this a little mix old food and new.

A puppy feeding hourly, not really “spoiling” it, small portions of food.

in under two months – six times a day

up to four four times

up to half a year to four times

to ten months to three times

Preferring natural food, his alternate views in a single day. With ten months to gradually put the Terrier on two meals a day, so he will eat the rest of your life.

What not to feed Yorkshire Terrier puppy

hot or cold water

spicy, too salty food with spices

you should not give food from the table

do not feed the Terrier fish, as there can be worms and dangerous bone

raw foods

legumes, sweet, smoked, potatoes, sausages

bones (any tubular, including chicken and lamb)

fatty pork, lamb

do not teach your Terrier to cheap food, they consist of additives almost half. This will increase his appetite.

The health and development of pet depends on the food. A young dog may not show symptoms, and be active in the first years of life. However, at the age of 5-6 years, improper diet will manifest itself. The first thing that suffers from food – the liver. And even that is such a cute little creature, like the Yorkshire Terrier is a predator. Its diet must contain animal protein, especially important for a young age. On the introduction of vitamins and minerals consult your doctor.

Natural or dry food?

There are two kinds of selection of food for home purebred dogs. This is commercial pet food or natural products. Prom. food is divided into canned or dry food. To dry among veterinarians has created negative attitudes, even prejudices. This is due to the fact that in 90-ies we massively imported substandard food. Today, the market situation is quite different.

Will tell everything in order. First of all, let us dwell on the mistakes. One of them is feeding the puppy that eats the owner. It is strictly prohibited. It is tasty and acceptable to the people, leads to diseases of pet. Food with lots of sugar, salt, spices, at least impairs the sense of smell of the animal. Don’t forget that a good sense of smell for dogs is the same thing that the keen eyesight for human beings. An innocent slice of salami, ham or chicken with onion contains a huge number of unpleasant body substances Terrier. This does not mean that the dog should not be fed natural product, but not with your table!

Dog food is cooked separately, and the food, by the way is the most direct and which is upbringing a Yorkshire Terrier . A balanced diet includes fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals. To achieve this, include in the diet of pet meat (but not fatty lamb and pork) and fish, vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy products and root vegetables. All this is prepared accordingly and added in small doses.

Puppy Terrier are not given bones, lamb and poultry is totally prohibited. If you feed your pet natural products, pay close attention to the presence in food of all essential trace elements. Some of them may not be enough when cooking on their own. Output – purchase systems with vitamins and minerals. However, there is a risk to repletion.

On the other hand, when natural feeding, your York will feel more than great. But do you have enough patience and time to prepare all that is necessary is another question. Ensuring good nutrition Yorkshire Terrier is much more difficult than for large dogs. Little York needs a little bit of food, but in percentage – changes nothing. Roughly speaking, you have to measure out a spoonful of the cereals, a little meat, a quarter of the potatoes, etc.

Dry food for York

Many do not trust the dry food, they say, dry food is bad for the dog. It is not so, of course your pet does not immediately start with appetite to eat dry food, especially if you just translated it with real food. Keep in mind that even in nature the predator never eats such food. If you don’t trust this type of food, feeding your puppy do canned food specially designed for dogs. This food contains proteins, carbohydrates and micronutrients in the correct proportions. Buying ready food, has no need to measure out the right products literally spoons. It will save money, time and possibly nerves.

No point in changing often the feed manufacturer, it is better to stay on one. For example, feed Acana products are specially targeted for Yorkshire Terriers. For small Pets the necessary elements for muscle growth and formation of bones. This calcium, phytin, etc. Dry food is inherently no different composition of items from canned food, but contains less water by about 80%. Hope you got the answer to the question ” what to feed a Yorkshire Terrier puppy ? “

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