What a pet to have in one apartment?

The mouse or several mice

You can have any not very large animals. What your heart desires! Everyone has a different idea of beauty,someone likes snakes and spiders,while others aversion to them,some people don’t like cats,while others are doted. Choose!

Tip: don’t have a large dog(St. Bernard,newfie,Alabai,TO,dog, etc),it will not be very comfortable in a Studio apartment and sled or hunting dogs without the proper amount of physical loads will be blown flat.

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Any – that to which the soul is. Well, except for horses, cows, etc.))). Mini-Pigi and the dwarf goats thrive in the room.

Your apartment for an animal – it is only a lair, a place to sleep. In the den should be a place for the animal to lie down – I have not seen the apartment, the area which would be smaller than 2×2 meters (this space for VERY large dogs, all others have less). I think that if someone has so little apartment, they are not the problem, “what to make”, while “as to the apartment itself to get”))).

When we (and animals) sleep – we absolutely no difference how many square meters around our krovatei how many rooms these meters are divided.

Animals and sleep about 80% life.

BUT it should be noted that in the remaining 20% of the animal must be adequate to mind-age, condition, etc. burden and care. And attention.

And all this animal should receive, regardless of the area of the apartment.

I remember a case – I communicated with the owners a HUGE bullmastiff and came up to us humans to question what size from the owners of the dog house? They answered that they did not house, and two rooms-kitchen, in which except them and the dog lived another 2 children. People were amazed – they had just a big house and no children and they have brought a little Spaniel, which is now very crowded and not comfortable, because he’s omnipresent – who would have sat where he sits on soapko, all crushed, nibbled, and dog constantly. The owners of the dog were struck no less “. and our how to workout back under the table and falls asleep – but then we have nobody goes. ”

We are now with her husband and child live in odnushke – and with us at this stage, have 2 of our dogs, I podobrali and one for overexposure, cat, Come cat, 4 Guinea pigs (2 of them pregnant) and a turtle. Temporarily out of the rat – I too worry when they die, and they live a little. We don’t close!

Everything from the desire – “if you really want to – you can fly into space!” Β the one who really should be fine with YOUR pet in all conditions (and then he would find a way to change these conditions), a doubt – it is better not to start!

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Alternatively, consider the fish, but keep in mind that they need to watch is not worse than for a cat, for example, water care that only is.

Cat wind is also an option, and if you still tender, you will continue to receive the relaxation from it, and its maintenance is almost not required, the tray to clean, feed and comb once a week, if not smooth.

Some give birth to small apartments small dogs type pug or pugs themselves. They’re taking them especially those who are allergic to cats, and pug is essentially like a cat πŸ™‚

from exotics better don’t take anything for exotic animals need a lot of places.

Any ferrets also do not take, for they too will require not small.

Any pet you can have in a Studio apartment. Of course, the large will not fit – horses, cows, but this is probably the only limitation.

A dog can make, and, with the ability to raise and distribute even more work.

The cat, too, can have.

All types of birds. Even if the bird is large and needs a large cage, there are so many ways to build a cage at home so it was not so much the places with large volume. But one has to look at the situation in the apartment.

You can get all what you need: aquarium, terrarium, insectarium. These things are also quite easily fit into the interior without major losses in free space and with the ability – even with benefits for him. Aquarium/terrarium can be hung on the wall, can be combined with a Cabinet (for example, buy a large wardrobe and one or more shelves to remove, putting in their place the aquarium), you can fit in a dining table (actually saw hints of such a plan), to hang on the door, placed next to the window (often it is a more or less fluent), and so on. accordingly it is possible to keep: fish, any of reptiles and amphibians (snakes, lizards, newts, chameleons, lizards, turtles, etc.), any insect and spider/scorpionibus (spiders, Scorpions, stick insects, centipedes, cockroaches. ) and other exotics such as snails (the snails will suit even a normal Bank).

Also well suited for a Studio apartment small rodents: hamsters, mice, rats, Guinea pigs, even a rabbit to start, I had a friend who in a small house kept rabbit.

Storage, of course, the best option is a small insects (ants and cockroaches, only the main insectarium to do well indoors so they are unable to flee), small aquariums with small fish (guppies, swordtails, gourami are pretty small, but yet very beautiful fish), small rodents, snails, and small birds (Siskin, goldfinch, bullfinch, wavy parrots, bird, Sparrow, finches – size, I think you get the idea). With the rest of fuss and places will be a little bigger, but still everything is possible!

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It’s a matter of taste – as many have already mentioned. I love all animals, but most of all love dogs. When it came to buy – opted (itself was surprised)) on dwarf poodle. Now is love a lifetime!

Pros: incredibly smart, friendly, love children, kind, well trained, do not shed, are odorless, compact. The poodle does not need to run miles daily – enough 2 times a day to walk 40 min (minimum), throwing a stick or ball – they are very playful. Huge plus – they are not painful! A distinctive feature trendy tiny dogs – susceptibility to injury and soreness. Relatively inexpensive. Rarely bite something in my childhood – the size of the jaws is not possible to eat shoes)

Cons: constant grooming – brushing (every few days), bathing with special means, haircut every 3 months (average). Because of natural curiosity to find adventure on his ass – for example, to unearth the earthen nest of wasps.

Brag Photo) Name is Yasha (amber Baby jodie foster), almost 3 years.

I’m not the enemy of animals, I love animals and cats and dogs and snakes. I have had many animal species, but having the animal is necessary to consider everything that would create an animal good conditions! And not to throw then the animal, as do many who believe that the animals there is no care! Any animals cared for: cats need a passport with vaccinations if the animal is walking, then wash it definitely is necessary, after each festival, to give protivoglistny preporaty, to take care of sterilization, which would then kittens flushing, etc. β€” over a year ago

I have a cat spayed, but I don’t need a passport,that if you have to carry it in the plane,then of course have a passport with vaccinations. And I don’t want to talk,need it,need it,animals always have been, and this cat is 5 years old. And then now you describe so that people will think that animals can keep only the rich access to passports and other optional. β€” over a year ago

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