Want to have a pet?

It is best to buy a kitten. Especially if there is a child. But, here it is not that simple as it might appear at first glance. The choice of a kitten, should be treated as seriously as if you bought the dog. What you need to know about cats and cats, to make the right choice? What should you pay attention?

Breed or color?

The choice of a kitten for the house because of the breed of a kitten depends on the nature of the future of a cat, then a kitten is chosen it is better depending on the breed. However, most people don’t pay attention to that and choose the pet to suit your taste. Then in this case it is best to pay attention to the color of the animal. The color of its coat, it is possible to define its character. But, you need something else to know. For those who first encountered the purchase of a furball, you need to know this: Kitten, cat or cat with a black coat color, is a very active animal. It is an emotional and playful animal. This kitty is very outgoing, and appreciates the love of his master. This kitty needs a lot of attention, even despite the fact that the kitten will never sleep with its owner; Red cats, is more phlegmatic. By their nature, they don’t like to play a lot. They sleep more and play will be only if the owner will make the effort; Black and white color the most common color. This animal, a very simple character. These cats are quite and the owners will cost. They love independence and freedom. With this color kitten is more hardy. These kitties will be able to survive without hosts. Therefore, often buy such black-and-white cats; Whales differ from other cats by their nature. Striped color, speaks for itself. That is striped, so wild. This animal had a very strong immune system. They do not need special care, but it’s a very clever kittens and adult cats. They have a very strong psyche. Ruffle, this animal is almost impossible; White kittens and adult animals – cleanliness and peace. These kittens are very vulnerable. They are timid, very fond of their owners and need constant attention. With these color kittens, no people can not do without. White cats have a very weak immune system. If such a cat is sick, as a rule, be treated it is useless. If this kitten to startle, he can fall into a swoon. So, if you like to play with kittens, and even more if you buy an animal for a child, it is best white kitten not to have, and to give preference to striped kitten or buy a kitten with black color.

Male or female?

Decided to get a kitten, but I don’t know who to get a boy or a girl, then before you make your choice, let’s examine the pros and cons about each sex of a kitten, and of course, in the future of an adult animal. Most home have a fluffy cat and do not want to buy a cat. If in childhood, there is no difference in who you, the cat or cat and only the cat will grow up to be an adult, will start a lot of problems. The first thing is the kittens. For this reason, many don’t want to have kitties. Many believe that if you take the cat, he’s not going to yell, demanding for itself a cat, and especially not to give birth, and therefore problems what to do with kittens. But is it all good, actually, as many believe? Correctly think? First, the cat is male and it is to be understood. Second, an adult cat, will always mark their territory. This means that in your home can cause unpleasant smell, and stains everywhere, on the Wallpaper, the curtains. In General, everywhere. However, this problem can be overcome. In other words, cat neutered in a small age. As soon as you do, in the body of the cat changes are made. He violated the hormones, he will become fat, not by leaps and bounds. This cat will become passive, and even patients. At first it will be obese, and after problems heart and death as a result of heart failure, which are unable to deal with his obesity. So, it is probably better cat. True, this is not always the right choice. Taking the cat, the owner is already in the second year of her life will be faced with the problem. The cat should give birth. So nature invented. Unfortunately, it is impossible to deceive her. She is looking for a manufacturer for their offspring to scream, to tear up everything she comes across on the way. However, this happens not every day, usually in the spring and autumn and last for around two weeks, the horror! And even if a cat spayed, she will also yell, demanding cat. Then, anyone in your house to take the cat or the cat? Of course, it’s very difficult. In this case, no right way.

In adult cats, there are disadvantages, so you need to choose the option with which you can handle and what you are more ready? Can’t make a choice? Maybe the idea to have a kitten, say no? But how? You’ve already promised your kid that you want a kitten? Then to make here is that just go and take the animal that you most appealing.

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