Unusual Pets – insects

No, of course not Zarechny Prusak, who tries to wind up in the kitchens of careless Housewives without any invitations. Fashion giant cockroaches, Madagascar hissing! The length of 5-6 cm and contain them in special insectary, whose role is traditionally played by a converted aquarium, but first fit a normal Bank. Cockroaches are considered as perfect companions for children they will not be able to bite or injure. Happy owners cockroaches are assured that if to stroke madagaskaras on the back, they hiss with pleasure. But the trouble they give to owners at a minimum, every two to three months to change sand or sawdust in the insectary, but to throw up daily slices of fresh fruit and vegetables. Serious spending power of cockroaches is of medium size cucumber to feed a colony of a dozen individuals during the week. Food is something that is able to “stir up the roach at any time of the day, but mostly they are nocturnal.

Unlike their “wild home” kitchen tribesmen running around madagaskari solidly, slowly, so that the fear of mass escapes from the insectarium. However, if you lack to experience the fullness of life participation in dog and cat shows, try to put their Pets in maracangalha. This entertainment is becoming more and more fashionable in the large cities, because of the stall, solid Madagascar unusually spectacular. So, if you do not suffer from phobias, make Madagascar cockroaches! Of course, they’ll never learn to respond to the nickname, but soon you will easily start to see their Pets not only in appearance but also in character and temperament. There are individuals timid, phlegmatic, inquisitive, leading the group.

Live roaches not for long – about a year, but multiply quite successfully, so, with giant kids enough attention, you soon may be able to earn, because one “giganova Shorty pop-beetle” is worth $ 100!

Spiders and Pachisi

Even more exotic a pet is the tarantula spider. Although – why not? Tarantulas are completely unpretentious. Three-liter Bank – a real mansion for the spider. Feed it only once a week or even a month. Sometimes they tightly biting or preparing for a moult, may refuse food for six months. Colored, shaggy and almost aggressive — the real soft toy! Feed adult tarantulas need live cockroaches (Madagascar), crickets, locusts, frogs, in a pinch – full of raw meat.The owners of tarantulas like to keep them on hand, and assure that Pets will learn them to enjoy the “manual” way of living. In fact it is certainly not the case, spiders, like all arthropods, just react to heat. Female tarantulas – they are long-lived, they will delight you with their company for 20 years! The lifespan of males is considerably shorter, only 2-3 years. Even if your pet leaves his glass house, it’s unlikely you’ll lose him in the apartment – let the diameter of the body only 6-7 cm but the scale of the foot in 14-16 cm! Centerfolds die of envy to spider the elegant proportions!

Who doesn’t loved as a child to watch the seething life of ant! The life of an entire country unfolds before your eyes! Monitor home the nest is not less exciting than computer game-strategy.

After all, in nature, ants do not just form individual societies, but complex and “political” Association — of the colony and the Federation. Tiny ants, the assurances of zoologists, can do math: add and subtract.

The most common until recently variant content home ant – gel aquarium with a maze – is gradually losing its popularity, too uncomfortable with the type of dwelling for its inhabitants. Therefore it is better to work hard and create your own “ant farm” – a closed ecosystem with different insects, like tropical woodlice or mnogovato, almost invisible to the eye. Flat in the aquarium, width a couple of inches. Put a plaster labyrinth – there will be ants and comfortable, and for you the life of the colony is in full view. For breeding you need one ant Queen and a dozen worker ants. If you are not satisfied with the proposals of zoo-market, you can poprobovat to catch a Queen ant yourself, during the summer. After all, ants make up almost 30% of the entire biomass of the earth!

To feed the colony also is not too difficult – on the day the colony of medium size enough for one cockroach. However, I will not refuse the ants and crickets, and flies Drosophila. Another thing is that its a colony of average size stores very long. Under good conditions the ants quickly multiply and soon their number may reach tens of thousands. This toy Empire!

Unusual Pets - insects
No, of course not Zarechny Prusak, who tries to wind up in the kitchens of careless Housewives without any invitations. Fashion giant cockroaches, Madagascar hissing! The length of 5-6 cm…

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