Unusual Pets.

Mini–pig (miniature pig) . Residents of Germany since 1950-ies engaged in the cultivation and breeding of miniature pigs (mini-some miniature pigs to doghill), but as decorative Pets started using them recently. Weight home mini-pig is usually included in the scope from 10 to 30 kg, lifetime 10 – 15 years. Homemade mini pigs are considered quite intelligent animals. they are easily trained and can be kept without restrictions of space, just like a cat or a dog. The only significant disadvantage of this animal, that the tendency to obesity, so the owner must monitor diet and physical activity your pet. Mini-Pigi have received quite a lot of popularity, which is why scientists from many countries are working to bring more small kind of “miniature pigs”.

Anteater . This animal give birth mainly in the U.S., but their popularity is growing rapidly in other countries. Fairly undemanding animal. It should be noted that the length of the tongue of the anteater reaches 30 cm lifespan reaches an average of six years. As you may have guessed, the anteater eats ants and other insects, but its diet can add fruit, eggs, minced beef, rice and other cereals.

Tarantula . Fans of extreme sports and exotic increasingly savedatal of tarantulas. Such pet is deemed dangerous enough, since there are no poisonous spiders, there are spiders with low toxicity poison. The venom of the spider-pet is not fatal to healthy adult humans, but can cause very unpleasant sensations. For children, Allergy sufferers and Pets, poison is deadly. The lifespan of some specimens can reach thirty years, and the scope of feet in some instances greater than 20 centimeters.

A ferret is very much in demand among the people who decided to have an unusual pet. Surprisingly, the popularity of these animals a little less to the popularity of cats and dogs. The life span of these domesticated animals on average 5-7 years. It should be noted that the ferret rather active little animal, which almost constantly sleeping or lying down, daily activity barely reaches 4 hours.

Monkey . To contain this animal in the home is not easy. Monkeys very rarely recognized leader in the host, in this regard, she has to constantly remind who is the boss. The monkey must be kept in a cage and walk only under the supervision of the owner. Contain monkeys is quite problematic they are demanding to air temperature (21-23 ° C) and food.

Iguana . To start iguana in our days is not difficult. It is quite common and affordable type of reptiles, which is becoming more popular in the role of a pet. To contain the reptile house is not easy and very expensive. Iguana very picky about the content, which is why it is very rarely live up to the adult in the home.

Snail — Achatina giant (lat. Achatina fulica) . In recent times it is fashionable to have giant snails. The clams are fairly undemanding, does not need walks, eats twice a week, in General the ideal pet for very busy, or lazy person. The snail eats meat, mushrooms, porridge, fish and fruit. It is worth to notice, in the absence of food, the animal falls into hibernation, which can last up to 60 days, which is very convenient if you like to travel. Like other Pets, the snail gets used to the host and stores it.

The capybara is the largest, now living species of rodent, their appearance resembles a huge Guinea pig. Capybaras are considered to be undemanding animals, love pobarahtatsja in water, they feed mainly on food of vegetable origin. Domesticated animals are kind and gentle.

Skunk . Yes, Yes it is a skunk! The one, the legendary “very smelly” pet. Skunks usually give birth to Americans, remove glands that produce the unpleasant-smelling liquid. Domesticated skunks are not demanding care and feeding, kind and active. The only significant disadvantage of the skunk is that he is a carrier of rabies, canine distemper and tularemia, so keep him as a pet animal is quite dangerous.

Sugar marsupial flying squirrel or flying squirrel short (lat. Petaurus breviceps) . Adorable, tiny little creatures that reach a maximum of 21 cm (without tail) and weight of 170 grams.

Animals are nocturnal, for the comfortable existence they need a large enclosure, they feed mainly on insects, breed well in captivity.

Spotted leopard print enablefor (lat. Eublepharis macularius) is probably one of the most beautiful lizards planet. Lifespan in captivity is 20 years. Eublepharis accustomed to the owner and easily recognize it among other people, as they are pretty well kept and breed in captivity. The popularity of these lizards is growing rapidly in Russia.

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