the story of the Chihuahua standard Chi-Hua-Hua


The Chihuahua is recognized as the smallest in the world. And when the adult dogs weigh from 1.0 to 3.0 kg, Chihuahua puppies are generally tiny,so we need a very serious approach to the question-“What to feed a puppy Chihuahua?” From the first days of life the puppy lives with his mother,and the only food is breast milk, giving your puppy a balanced mix of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals,this is very good for components of the immune system.With a three-week aged Chihuahua puppy begins more confident and more stable to stand and move.With this age and start to give your puppy “clover” erased from beef meat,cottage cheese or soaked dry food ROYAL CANIN Starter very small portions 1-2 times a day,gradually increasing the amount. Buying a puppy the first time it is necessary to keep on the diet of the nursery, gradually move on the menu that you choose for your Chihuahua. The amount and composition of feed need to know when buying, at the same time finding out about vaccination and when and what drugs was carried out deworming. Before reaching two months of age puppies Chihuahua are fed 6 times a day, reducing the number of feedings to 5 in the period from 2 to 4 months, to 4 from 4 to 6 months, to 3 to 6 to 12 months. When feeding Chihuahua puppies, like adult dogs, before the owner is always a dilemma what is better, dry(canned) finished feed or natural feed. We offer two options of diet for your pet,but still preferable to feed dry and canned prepared foods,because of natural food products it is impossible to make a balanced diet so that you need dogs regardless of the breed.

MEAT Beef, veal, and chicken(breast) and marine fish (fillet). Sometimes you can give the offal, such as tripe, kidneys, liver, heart. but feed them no more than once a week and only adult Chihuahua For puppy best chicken, beef and fish PORK should be completely excluded from the diet of the Chicken it should cook, before offering to Your dog, as raw chicken can be a source of salmonellosis. You must remove all bones from boiled chicken, since your dog can choke on small chicken bones or their fragments. Give Chihuahua chicken skin is undesirable. Fish can be fed only cooked, without bones and only the sea, not more than one or two times a week.

CEREALS . Rice, buckwheat should be given boiled, as porridge,mixed with meat products, noodles also can be included in the diet,but it need not often

DAIRY PRODUCTS . Low fat cottage cheese and “homemade cheese”, kefir, bio yogurt, fermented baked milk – calcium-rich foods,and necessary in the diet of dogs. You can RUB your food in Chihuahua cheese. They love it very much. here the milk should not be given – it is not digested by dogs and can cause stomach upset. The exception is goat’s milk which can be given only to puppies up to 3-4 months of age.

The Only VEGETABLES in the cooked (steamed or boiled). In raw form they will be better assimilated if they RUB on a grater (because the dog practically chewed food, and swallow it), and add 12 coffee spoon of vegetable oil. Very useful carrot. It is not advised to give raw vegetables to puppies under 4 months of age. In addition, it is Not advised to give starchy vegetables such as beets,potatoes, etc.

Fresh FRUITS is useful in almost everything, but don’t get carried away with grapes and exotic fruits such as pineapple, litchi, mango, guava, etc. are Especially useful apples and bananas

EGGS can give the Chihuahua in the form of omelets once a week. Raw eggs not to give.

The CORRECT MENU FOR CHIHUAHUA If we talk about diet, it is very generalized, it should look like this: 2/3 protein, 1/3 vegetable products + about one coffee luika vegetable oil for one meal, (Qty – 50 to 80 grams of complete ration per day, per 1 kg of live weight adult dog). There should include fats of vegetable or animal and mineral supplements. As for the amount of food that a Chihuahua supposed to eat in a day, it will depend on his height and weight, lifestyle that leads your pet, (i.e. “sitting sports”), on the age of your dog. If You are a supporter of natural feeding, remember that: the CHIHUAHUA should NOT be FED: • Hot or cold food – before feeding to cool or warm food to room temperature; • Poor quality water can contribute to metabolic disorders. • Pork – pork is too fatty, this creates a greater load on the liver • Not instead of, to give meat sausages or smoked meats. salinity. In composition they are far from meat and various additives are very toxic for dogs • Milk to give, it is impossible (causes gastrointestinal upset)-watch for chair dogs. Also be attentive to dairy products. • Sweets, sugar and candy. Sweets interfere with the digestion, destroy the teeth and adversely affect the eyes, which begin to tear. • Beans, peas, and beans the Chihuahua causes bloating (bloated) belly. Legumes in General cause activation of the intestinal microflora due to the high content in protein and fibrin (fiber) – and intestinal spasms, stomach, newsweekall protein. They should not be given.

Quality dry food premium contains the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals, which you never get by feeding your puppy the “straight girl”. You can feed your puppy organic food, fresh food, special dog vitamins, but it is a certain complexity – for each meal, you need to grind quite a solid tablet, it does not always have the time. We recommend that for the basis of the diet to take dry food premium and super-premium for puppies of small breeds – ROYAL CANIN, HillS, Pronature, EUKANUBA, PURINA, PRO PLAN, PRO PAC, Nutro, etc. Check with the breeder to what exactly is poop trained your puppy, and the first time buy it. This dry food the puppy will receive all necessary nutrients. It’s best to keep a bowl of dry food that the puppy is always hungry can eat. Do not be afraid that the puppy will eat too much dry food and can get better. If Your puppy is still quite small, at first dry food can be soaked. Also, leave a few grains of dry food nezamechena – as soon as the puppy starts to chew, you can move on solid dry food. The approximate amount of dry feed for one feeding listed on the packaging. However it is very approximate – for example, 40-60 grams. We advise you to watch your puppy if he ate whole food and his bowl, you lay still. A well-fed puppy always looks happy and calm. Switch from one food to another gradually, mixing them in one bowl, and over time, increasing the concentration of the new food. It is believed that dogs get used to one dry food and don’t need variety, but my dogs a food change is always received with great enthusiasm. In addition to dry food you can give your puppy after 3 months of age as treats boiled meat or chicken, low-fat sea fish, slices of fruit and vegetables, berries, cheese, yogurt, cheese, unsweetened yogurt, small portions

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