The most beautiful cat breeds

Each person has their own requirements when choosing a pet. For some, it is important that the animal belonged to a rare breed. The price visually would confirm the social status of the owner. For others not matter anything but tenderness and devotion. And some of them acquire the animal, guided only by aesthetic taste.

Top 5 most beautiful cat breeds in the world

5. Savannah

The grace and perfection of nature can be found in rock, of which not more than thirty years. A descendant of the wild Serval. Savannah. embodies the best of his exterior dignity. Home and from the Siamese cat adopted complaisance, playfulness and love of people. It is the largest domestic cat in the world. reaching to the withers and sixty centimeters. The cat is very rare – only a few nurseries in America engaged in its cultivation. Despite the fact that the two-month kitten is like a good car, a Record it held for a year before obtaining offspring. And the number of kittens specified, not exceeding two hundred per year. But do not rush to sell the property to purchase a couple of these beauties for breeding. The breeder does not consider it possible to allow such ventures, sells exclusively sterilized kids.

4. Siberian cat

Russian Siberian cat. the adult reaches espetada pounds (I think from the picture it can be understood), fall in love, even those who never thought to have Pets. And for good reason. Even much digging in the history of the breed, impossible to find at least one flaw. Gorgeous fluffy coat, soft and silky to the touch, not break into vatu, like Persians. Amazing color reminiscent of the wild animal, set off by snow-white shirt front. Nature, as every Siberian-painless – quiet, docile, non-confrontational. This animal is derived by nature. And still it is improving without human intervention. Here is a great immune system Siberians, does not burden the owners diseases.

3. The toyger

The name of the breed comes from two English words that stand for “toy tiger”. Tiger in miniature bred in the USA by a woman, concerned over the destruction of wild animals, especially tigers. Quite far from breeding science, she came up with what should be a cat resembling a tiger. An animal that corresponds to her dreams, was found in India and exported to the United States. The main requirement for the exterior of the toyger is the color and the location of the strips should resemble a tiger.

2. Scottish fold cat

These amazing animals with the unusual shape of the ears are often called Teddy bears because of their soft silky wool, feels like plush. This breed has brought the very nature, leaving the man only to hone and secure it features. A few decades ago on a farm in Scotland outbred domestic cat gave birth to an unusual kitten. Girl’s ears were slightly prelucrati forward, which made her face endearing expression. The owners paid attention to a genetic anomaly, having made the decision to develop it in animals. To the great joy of their subsequent offspring this feature is not gone, which gave them the opportunity to thoroughly engage in a new breed recognized by the international Association of breeders a couple of decades ago. Cute ears is not the only feature of the plaid. Only this breed can boast of four types, each of which meets the standard: long-haired and short-haired Scottish fold. long-haired and short-haired with straight ears. Of course, in exhibitions take part the hanging lugs. But they appeared in kittens, it is necessary to knit animals with different position of the ears. Most interesting is that in one litter there can be representatives of all four species.

1. Turkish Angora

The wool of the wild ancestors of modern cats served a very important function in the life of animals. She not only participated in the heat exchange, but also served as excellent camouflage. In most animals it is yellow-brown with various spots and stripes, hidden in the thickets of the cat have not seen any prey, no more powerful predator. Because white is the color that is unnatural for natural habitats, is considered to be exclusive. Few breeds can boast snow-white fur, but have a beautiful cat for whom this is natural color only, which determines the purity of the breed. Because people believe such animals are the most beautiful.

The ancestors of the Turkish Angora (in my opinion, the most beautiful cat in the world) were removed from the territory of Turkey in the middle of the last century. Only in America, breeders began improving its breed, trying to fix amazing white color of the coat. Today this breed is considered a heritage Turkey. Of particular value are animals with eyes of different colors – blue and yellow. This is a very rare feature because there is a great chance to get cat kittens with the same eyes.

Cats – nature’s children. And she can’t be ugly children. Because it is not necessary to determine what animal a mile and more beautiful. However, this is a subjective opinion. For each person the most beautiful will always be a cat, nestled in his life and home.

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