The biggest rats in the world

The major representatives of the rats among many ornamental species. They quickly become Pets and you get attached to the host. And here’s a giant wild rats to humans should be wary.

Large domestic rats

Rats can be some of the most popular Pets. Decorative rat different from its wild tribesmen, they quickly become attached to owner, very understanding and accurate. To contain the rat is much easier than, for example, a dog. However, many feel a distaste and even disgust towards them.

Among domesticated rats, the most common is the appearance of brown rats. The weight of one such specimen varies from four hundred to six hundred grams. There are instances, weighing nine hundred grams. Usually the males exceed the females in size. Length brown rats from sixteen to twenty-seven centimeters. Unfortunately, the life expectancy of rats is about two years. In rare cases, a rat may live three years. Each owner of decorative rats quickly attached to her, so the loss of a “friend” after just two or three years is highly frustrating all the lovers of these Pets.

Massive decorative rat is a specimen of the breed “Standard”. Their long body reaches a size of twenty to thirty centimeters. In addition, they have a long tail, dohadailo twenty centimeters. The weight of the male is about half a kilogram.

Decorative grey rats as I have a rather big size. Their length varies from seventeen to forty centimeters, in addition, tail length of about twenty centimeters. The maximum weight does not exceed five hundred grams.

Decorative black rat – also a frequent inhabitant of the apartments as a pet. Their length reaches twenty-two inches, besides in this species, very long, scaly tail, which is longer than the body. Tail length is about twenty-eight centimeters.

Where are the large wild rats?

Pasuram called wild predatory rats. It is a large animal, with a length of about twenty-seven centimeters. They settled everywhere, live in burrows and are very aggressive. Rats fearlessly pounce not only on dogs or cats, but human.

Wild Turkestan rat inhabits the foothills of Uzbekistan. South-East Kazahstana. Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. home in fruit and nut forests. The body length of these animals – approximately twenty-three centimeters. They also live well with people, settling in urban and rural buildings.

One of the largest representatives of the family – a bamboo rat. The trunk reaches a length of forty-eight inches plus a relatively short tail length six inches. Their habitat is the island of Sumatra, Indochina, Peninsula Malaika something or other, Burma and Thailand. It is known that in China the animal is eaten. Bamboo rat is quite slow, most of her life she spends in the underground burrow. The main food of this species – the young bamboo.

The biggest rat in Moscow

As is known in the fauna of Russia the largest is the Norway rat. The torso of the animal can reach forty inches, the length of its tail is a little less than twenty centimeters. In Moscow, in the subway, there are bred there giant members of the species “Indonesian” rats.

According to witnesses, its length is about one meter. A lot of information there about what the capital under a giant live rat-mutants who are required their sizes increased levels of radiation underground. It’s all made up, unlike under the earth “Indonesian” rats. They’ve seen the train drivers, the inhabitants of Moscow watched these individuals when they appeared on the surface near the landfill. These animals fear the dogs.

Data from the CPS indicate that the number living in Moscow rats forty times more than the number of inhabitants of the metropolis. Especially much they have multiplied in recent decades. According to scientists-biologists, these rats – in a sense, can be called mutants-intellectuals.

The largest rat in the world

How big can a rat, it is not known. British scientists found a specimen, with a total length of slightly less than a meter. She was found in the crater of a volcano on the island of Papua. Most likely, these dimensions – it is a merit favorable conditions for the growth of the animal. Found a rat refers to a type identical to the regular barn rat. The only difference between them is the size.

In China a giant rat managed to catch the local resident of the city of Fuzhou in one of the residential quarters. Its weight was equal to eleven pounds, and the tail length of thirty centimeters. The length of the teeth of the record holder reached two and a half inches.

It is known that Sumatran bamboo rat often reaches a length of seventy-five centimeters including the tail. The weight of this giant is about four pounds. On the island of Flowes lives look like huge rats. Their body is about forty-five centimeters, and tail length reaches seventy-five centimeters. Fortunately, this is an animal whose total length is not less than one meter twenty centimeters, feed exclusively on plant food.

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