The best Pets for children

Which pet will be a real helper in the upbringing and development of the baby?

Pets have a remarkably beneficial effect on the development of the child. Teachers and doctors claim that constant communication with animals help children grow up disciplined, responsible, sociable, inquisitive, responsive, caring and healthy. Four-legged friends not only teach kids to be responsible for their actions, to adapt to society, but as a rule, stimulate physical activity and even removed the accumulated stress in the crumbs. In addition, the pet trains logical thinking, observation, imagination.

Today the pet shops offer parents a huge selection of animals. The editors Om1 understand who may become a good companion for the baby?

Another number one for human remains dogs . Dog experts recommend to pick up children are tolerant, friendly, forgiving breed of dog of large size. Small dogs, mainly, too capricious and unpredictable. Great for child’s Newfoundland, collie, German shepherd, Spaniel, Airedale Terrier, Labrador, poodle and pooch.

Cats are much more complicated. The nature of these animals it is difficult to predict. So, for example, Siamese and Burmese cats, though they are considered sociable animals, very jealous and able to retaliate against a person because of a lack of previous attention. Experts advise to make a choice in palankovski or cats Kurilian and the Japanese Bobtail.

Guinea pig is a good fit for a small apartment. It is more courteous and unassuming than rabbits and live longer than hamsters. In addition, Guinea pigs do not bite and do not scratch.

Chinchilla. American researchers allege that this pet is able to increase the intelligence of the child. In the presence of this rodent in the house, increased mental activity of children recorded in 55% of cases.

But the turtles, lizards and newts psychologists are skeptical. Experts believe that they can’t give the child the necessary illusion of communication, rarely cause affection and warm friendship.

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