Shipping of animal feed

OOO “Agrosfera” is a company whose activity falls within the sphere of agrarian-industrial sector. Extensive practical experience allows us to execute the undertaken partnership obligations in the short term at an affordable price, anyone who needs to buy feed for farm animals is guaranteed an individual approach.


Working in the industry since 2010, our company has successfully proved itself as a serious and reliable partner. Among the activities of the company:

the provision of producers of agricultural products feeds and feed additives,

arrangements for delivery of animal feed and maintenance products.

Presenting in the regions of Russia the largest producers, the company “Agrosphere” offers the following feeds and feed additives that you can buy in unlimited quantities:

All employees of the industry who need to buy feed for farm animals, the company “Agrosphere” guarantees:

professional consulting support in questions of animals feeding,

high quality control,

minimizing the cost of feed production,

timely fulfillment of contractual obligations,

a flexible system of discounts and installment payments.

Shipping of animal feed

Delivery of feed for javatypemodel road and rail transport across Russia, to the products supplied all the necessary transportation documentation.

The company “Agrosphere” are willing to arrange escort of the goods from loading until unloading at the final destination.

Experienced specialists and a high level of service

The staff consists of specialists, prepared by the Izhevsk state agricultural Academy.

Employees systematically:

improve their skills,

learn new production technologies,

get acquainted with the latest achievements in domestic and foreign zootechnical, agricultural and veterinary industry for producers of agricultural products.

All this helps to ensure a high level of service based on individual approach to each customer, fully meeting their interests.

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