Self dog training

Dog training independently is the process of generating the dog has certain skills that are needed by the person. Training is mandatory for any dog, regardless of breed and size, and habitats.

Even those dogs that are obedience and good behavior. and also know basic commands, such as “fu” and “me” that needs fixing skills on the court, where specially created distractions.

Pets, for education which was not enough time, can behave unpredictably. The dog, the behavior of which cannot be influenced by the owner, sooner or later will become a cause of conflict. The responsibility for the conflict that will carry her owner.

Dogs small breeds is quite enough to learn these commands for dog training as: “Yuck”, “me”, “Near”, “Sit”, “Place”, “Lie”, “Stand”.

Dogs medium to large breeds need to be trained fully the General course of training, where in addition to the commands of obedience study the fetch items and overcoming obstacles. Such teams develop animal strength, agility and confidence.

The basic principles of dog training

As a rule, the role of the trainer performs the owner of the animal. To know how the dog nauchitsja simple but very important to the teams owner with a dog needs to be in a relationship and have solid contact. The person who correctly suited to interaction with the dog must:

To know the behavior and character of your pet;

Clearly set goals for each session;

Strictly comply with the conditions to develop the reflexes in dogs and carefully work on them;

To develop and do not change in the process of learning the commands, signals and gestures, which should respond of an animal;

Encourage each correctly completed action pet;

Monitor the interest of the animal and to diversify classes so that the dog never tired;

To respect the boundary between work and free the dog. To change their behaviour. At the lesson the owner should be disciplined and focused to give the team a commanding, demanding and insistent tone. In between playing with the dog.

If the pet belongs to the person trusting, and fully listen to not afraid, we can say that the basics of dog training the owner fully disbursed and there is no reason to worry about how the animal will respond to a full course of study.

The training of dogs under the age of six months

In your house there was a puppy. At first glance he’s just a kid and the idea that it can teach something to seems absurd. Such thoughts are fundamentally wrong. Because a young dog is trained much more willing adult. Besides now is the best time to set with animal contact and show who’s boss. Of course, one should not expect from your puppy special perseverance, all training must take place in the form of the game. Your goal is to make friends with the dog and to interest her, otherwise it will not work. In the beginning of the course should not expect that the animal will implicitly obey the commands needed at this stage to get the puppy proper reaction and execution. Even if it is insufficient clear and perfect. Initial training and education are closely intertwined. Their success depends on the environment in which growing and developing puppy.

Self dog training starts with training to go to the toilet in a certain place. While the baby is vaccinated, it should not go outdoors. After each feeding, consider him a diaper or a special cloth so that the puppy could go to the toilet. Over time, he would rush to a certain place, when he wants to relieve himself. After the animal is done doing his business, be sure to praise him and give something tasty to secure the result.

The following two are necessary for the baby of the team – this is his nickname and the word “fu”. Hearing his name, the puppy should immediately run up to you. And the word “fu” means that it must immediately stop what you’re doing. Do not try to scold and punish the dog. At this age they don’t understand why they are being punished. Therefore, if the command is wrong just don’t focus on this. But properly executed, the team must reinforce with praise, petting and a treat. Once the initial learned the basics, you can move on to more complex actions, for example, to teach the animal to sit and lie.

Training an adult dog

You haven’t learned how to train a dog then you need to learn a few of the ways ordinary course for each dog. The first method is the standard when the dog responds to voice commands. This method is quite well known and practiced in all countries. But there are also clicker dog training. Her talk details.

Clicker training is widely used in home, office, sports training animals, as well as in the training of guide dogs and helpers for the disabled. What is this technique?There are several ways to master the normal course for each dog. The first method is the standard when the dog responds to voice commands. This method is quite well known and practiced in all countries. But there are also clicker dog training. Her talk details.

Training using the clicker – a new kind of training, implying a conditionally positive reinforcement, which is realized through sound.The clicker is a special ring, equipped with a trigger button. The click is used to give the dog to understand that she does exactly what was required. This method of training eliminates physical contact of the animal and produces a positive reflex to a specific signal. Thus, the click becomes contingent positive reinforcement.

Standard training is designed so that the master explains to the pet that needs to be done, sometimes acting force. If the desired result is achieved, the dog is rewarded with affection or a treat, if there is no result, then apply the punishment.

Clicker training involves observation of the animal, and when it does what you need, immediately followed by the click of a clicker. A clicking sound binds the dog to obtain fun. To develop positive communication on this signal, the dog must be encouraged. In case of an error, pet, you just have to wait it out and try again.

This training has a certain success. Dog has sensitive ears, so it hears the click well and quickly understands the connection between something good and that sound. The animal is aware that the repetition of desired actions will be accompanied by the clicking over and over again. Gradually the dog becomes a partner of the owner, promoting the process of their own learning.

Once the command is learned and the dog does it, promotion is something tasty, and clicker is used to train a new team.

The role of treats in the training process of the animal

A treat for dog training is a must. Unlike punishment, which is generally not recommended for puppies, to accidentally not to disturb. The use of “yum” helps to learn early in life the dog commands that will be useful to the animal and his owner throughout their lives together. To consolidate the positive behavior in an adult dog also needs a treat. Delicious pieces of food help to consolidate the positive associations with the team, and this is one of the main foundations of successful learning.

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