Pet. Whom to choose?

Many of us dream of having any other domestic animals, but I don’t know what pet to choose, how to care and how much is it? That’s about it here and will be discussed. But let’s start with the most common: kittens and puppies.

Kittens. We walked past a little kitten, pretty lament, “What a small, defenseless,…”. If you decide to buy a kitten (or just bring from outside), do not hurry to rejoice. Undoubtedly, this is a cute, playful creature will bring you much joy and pleasant moments, but also to care for the pet no less. First, you have to accustom him to the toilet, otherwise get rid of unpleasant smells in the apartment is not easy. You will also need to build a place for “sharpening claws”, or for many years the furniture will quickly come into disrepair, although you can just trim the claws and forget about this problem. Don’t forget about the stern. If you “give us a leg up on kitten whiskas or kitekat, etc. then eat something else your pet will be gone. Also cats are very prone to shedding, which will affect your clothing.

With puppies fared about the same, only hanging out with them more often (two to three times a day) and periodically buy cleaning the oral cavity to the teeth of your pet always stay healthy. And passing by the nursery sauterelle French Bouvier you will want to buy a puppy.

You may want to have someone from rodents: hamsters, rats, Guinea pigs, rabbits or chinchilla. It, unconditionally, cute roommates, but if you feel an urge to let the pet out of the cage “walk through the apartment”, we most likely can say goodbye to Internet, electricity, and if electricity, then the pet. If you don’t prefer specific smells, we often have to change the litter in the cage of your pet that is not difficult.

Don’t have time to care or just simply don’t want and lazily, but still the soul asks the living creatures in the house, the easiest way to get turtles or a fish. Care almost not required. All you need is to buy the equipment for life support (filter, pump, thermostat, UV lamp), feed two to three times a week and in a timely manner to clean the filter and change the water in the aquarium/the aquaterrarium. Clean and well maintained aquarium is always very nice and impressive – like a separate little world in your room. This is the most suitable option for business-like people or just lazy people.

Maybe someone will want a bit of the exotic. Then your choice will certainly fit all kinds of arthropods, snakes, chameleons, iguanas, etc. Food, care and conditions for them is always specific and it will bring a lot of fun, and possibly hassle.

If you still have difficulty in choosing a pet, then just go to any store and take animals to who pulled the hand. In any case the pet will be able to return or give to friends.

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