Most exotic Pets

The researchers argue that the domestication of wild animals began with the wolf. Then we went to goats, pigs, cows, cats, chickens… All of these actions occurred thousands of years ago, and all animals gained not so much – no more than fifty animals. Recently, however, began to appear unusual hybrids that settle in our apartments.

Peculiarities of the national lesovodstvo

Some people find it disturbing. Not that much – in the end, from the Mercantile point of view, so to speak, for food and other things, to tame something and not someone. But if for the sake of entertainment, why not try it? And the first animals domesticated in our time and just for fun, turned out to be a Fox.

Yes, Heather, forest minx managed to tame, to domesticate. That is, to breed, which initially recognizes the person as a friend.

Epic domestication of foxes began in the USSR in Novosibirsk in the late 1950s and continues (already breeding ready, so to say, converts human friends) to this day in the Institute of Cytology and Genetics of a name of academician D. K. Belyaev. Based on Fox, but now there are “classic” red. They say that the domesticated foxes you can even to tray to tame, and such a smell from them, as from the wild.

Another thing is that foxes, which periodates nursery in private hands, previously sterilized, (so they don’t smell). So to breed them as kittens or puppies in the home will not work. And therefore, probably still cannot be considered completely domesticated Fox. Although it looks and conducts herself, no doubt, amusing and brings a lot of joy to its owner.

Here it only remains to add that in the manner of behavior home Fox looked through the traits of both cats and dogs. Cat behavior is very much like the ability to meow, jump on a fairly high pieces of furniture, to be worn around the house rolling his eyes and an overwhelming desire to bawl at the feet of the master because of the angle. “Dog” behavior is expressed in the ability to walk sedately at a walk on a leash and are willing to buy the same dog food.

Oh, and, of course, to keep Fox and let home, the apartment is not worth it. For her life is much closer and nicer area with aviary.

Another hero of the modern domestication – Kama. It’s not a bike and not a river. Kama is a small camel, a cross between a DROMEDARY and Lama. who long ago were relatives, and now again crossed by the will of man. The process happened in Dubai in the late 1990-ies. The researchers were able to create almost a new kind of animal, which would be able to reproduce. However, Kama is not suitable to our concept of domestication it is a wild animal and llamas and camels have long been living next to us. But the event was so unique that it is a sin not to mention.

The Kama short ears and a long tail, like a camel, but no hump. Same cloven hooves like a llama. In addition, Kama docile nature, soft thick coat, plus strength and endurance – is just the perfect pet.

“We’re not wolves”

In 1925, the breeder from the Netherlands lander, Carlos, didn’t believe that dogs came from wolves, decided to make this on my own experience. What crossed the Russian she-wolf and a male German shepherd.

The Carlos so liked the result that he was engaged in breeding “dog wolves”. And after his death the same did his widow and children.

So what is the Carlos happened? See for yourself: strong, pretty gloomy, extremely gregarious animal, categorically refuses to bark, but sometimes not averse to howling. It’s all wolf, but what about the dog? – there are few but important: this beast is ready to cooperate with people, to recognize him, the man, the excellence and leadership in the pack. That, in fact, required to get.

Since we mentioned dogs, is a sin not to remember about cats. And it appears there is still work to breeders and “domusnovas” wild animals.

We will talk about a relatively new breed of cat called the Savannah, it is home to the variety of absolutely wild Serval. The Serval is a very nice predator from the cat family, the sight of which made many begin to flow slobber: “I Want the same home.”

In order to satisfy everyone to have the “same home” and not to bring trouble to wild servals and similar (cheetahs, leopards and others) and was derived Savannah.

By the way, Savannah wasn’t quite a cat. View – Yes, of course, cat-like, their habits exclusively dog. For a stick to run, to swim, to walk on a leash – what decent cat would agree to that? But Savannah is quite impressive size and equally impressive price. So rich fans of big cats, it is quite satisfying.

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