Montmorency is a dog grooming

Our pet grooming has been successfully working in the field of pet sitting since 2008. Services provided by our salon are performed in accordance with medical standards and standards of breeds. Our staff are qualified experts in the field of grooming, trimming and other care of animals.

Hair salon for dogs and cats “Montmorency” offers the following services:

Water and SPA procedures;

Haircuts of any type, including creative;

Preparation for exhibitions;

Hygiene (nail clipping, ear cleaning, teeth, the treatment of the animal from harmful external influences, combing tangles);

The coloration of the coat.

To ensure that your domestic Pets are always beautiful and had a healthy appearance and smooth, radiant fur, our experts work only with high quality cosmetics intended for animals, which does not cause allergies, itching and other unpleasant reactions. It companies – Iv San Bernard, Bio-groom, All systems. Hypoallergenic products. Also you will be able to purchase this high-quality cosmetics designed only for animals.

All products of these brands are manufactured exclusively in the United States, and the prices of these products combine a guarantee of quality and safety. All adenoidally these brands after production are sent for certification compliance with the stated requirements. Products used in our salon is consistent with international standards.

A well-groomed appearance of your pet – the most important indicator of his health. Skin naturally pet gets contaminated, maybe the fat cells of the epidermis protect the skin from harmful external influences and protects the skin from the cold. Thus, after some amount of time the epidermis becomes contaminated by dead skin cells from dust, dirt and microorganisms. External pests, such as various microogranism, impact adversely on the skin of the pet. Pollution begin to accumulate in the folds and wrinkles of the skin, which later turns out to be a friendly area for skin parasites, such as mites, Vlady, lice. All these factors cause the animal itching, irritation, decreased production fat fatty cells to protect from cold and microorganisms that subsequently disrupts the function of the skin and leads to disruption of metabolism in the body. Here you can draw only one conclusion – regularly and carefully designed to care for your pet. You need to understand that Pets are, in the majority, are not adapted to life on the street, they cardinally differ from animals born in the wild and not be able to fight harmful external factors choose. Pets, more of them, specially bred for life with humans, so they are affectionate, loyal character, love to play, will not hurt the children and is completely safe for society but I hate people bred to breeds that they can’t live without human care necessary for them as air. For example, the Yorkshire Terrier, which was so popular last decade, the care required, haircut York – separate, requiring the attention aspect. Grooming dogs of this type are very important. Systematically care for their animals! If your pet has not had enough care and got different kind of disease – itching, irritation and other, then, subsequently, all these infections and diseases he will bring to the house, where it can infect humans. This is a very bad time, especially if in your home children who hug, kiss and even sleep in bed with Pets. Regular brushing, bathing and washing – required processes for the animal. Our salon for dogs “Montmorency” has all the necessary information about skin diseases of dogs and cats.

Zoo hairdressers of our salon annually participate in groomer competitions and win prizes. Our staff of caregivers undergoes compulsory training at the school of grooming. After the end of each issue of groomers, we choose only the best groomer who truly loves animals and knows how to deal with them. Only a specialist will be able to work in our team. Love for animals is an incredibly important quality that must have people working in pet grooming. Priority of the moment – love dogs and cats, but not the love of haircuts. Dog grooming and zoo-hairdresser – specialty, not-so-sophisticated in training but a love for animals it is not available through courses or schools. All zoopartners our salons, our senior controls specialist who is responsible for the quality of haircuts and service.

Our hair salon for animals is open for visitors from 10:00 to 21.00. We spend grooming in St. Petersburg and trimming dogs every day.

On our site You can also receive information on caring for Yorkshire Terrier. Haircut York. dog grooming in St. Petersburg – the main profile of our pet grooming. Our pet grooming “Montmorency” is open every day for you and you can get advice and care from our specialists at any available time.

We offer seasonal promotions for different services.

We try to please you with discounts in the most need for your Pets!

Spring – discounts on treatments for ticks.

Summer discounts on haircuts for dogs and cats.

Winter discounts at our store warm clothes.

Autumn – discounts on ultrasonic and mechanical cleaning.

We also offer discounts to our loyal customers for all services.

Our pet grooming in St. Petersburg, “Montmorency” specializes in haircuts for dogs and cats. We also offer services. grooming in St. Petersburg. trimming in St. Petersburg. ultrasonic and mechanical cleaning of the teeth. Dog grooming in St. Petersburg – our main profile. We employ qualified specialists, professionals in the areas of haircuts and care for animals. We prepare Pets for exhibitions and guarantee a professional approach.

Dear friends! We are glad to inform You that our salon has a new service – teeth cleaning with ultrasound. Ultrasonic cleaning removes Tartar, plaque, and yellowness, but at the same time, absolutely painless and harmless to the animal. Sign up! Cost 1200 R.

All dogs and cats are susceptible to the appearance of dental plaque, particularly dogs after 6-7 years of life. If you regularly not carry out teeth cleaning for dogs and cats, the teeth formed stone, which is subsequently very difficult to remove, sometimes this leads to the procedure of tooth extraction.

There are certain dog breeds that are particularly prone to the formation of plaque on the teeth because of genetic data. It all breeds decorative dogs: Yorkies, Petersburg Orchid, Chi-Hua-Hua, Pekingese, Terriers, lapdogs and taxes.

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