Massage allowed, tips for animal lovers

The beneficial effect of massage not only maintaining the health of the animal. Many pet owners had opened her healing abilities, which had not previously existed. Making massage to your little friend, you know the feeling, familiar to a professional masseur. You begin to feel the belief in the existence of hidden healing abilities of living beings with their own hands. Agree vet Tiekert Carvel, the founder and President of the American Association of veterinarians who believe that massage helps animals and their owners stay healthy. “I try to convince the owners of my “patients” to massage regularly.Start with a daily massage, especially if the animal has discomfort later having a massage twice a week. Don’t be afraid to do it too often. The effect of the massage is to improve blood circulation. William winter, a veterinarian and a doctor of chiropractic (people) has a practice in Minneapolis. He claims that massage animals has another impact: “When you start to massage the animal, you are almost instantly decreases blood pressure. ”

Fans of animal massage say that before to massage the animal, its owner must obtain a massage. “To learn, first try yourself, advises Dr. Fox. – A beneficial feeling the touch of someone’s fingers to his skin and muscles, you improve your own “vision fingers”. Tonic effect of massage will prove to you the wholesomeness of his influence speak louder than any words.”

A few caveats

Never massage an animal if he has a fever, shock, a very serious condition or heat stroke. Here is a list of States in which any manual exposure should be limited to very gentle massage with fingertips: recent fractures, sprains, tears of muscles and ligaments, rupture discs, acute inflammation as a result of the bite or infection, swelling, dotted with bloody blisters, swollen lymph glands, fresh cuts, bruises, abrasions or recently formed scars, and the presence of areas of increased sensitivity. (In such cases, we must immediately go to the vet.) If your pet is sick or weak, lay him as comfortable as possible. “Massage table” could serve as a soft blanket or a Mat of soft foam. If the room is cold, put a mattress, with electric heating, which will provide additional comfort to the animal and will relax muscle tension. Dr. Fox cares about your comfort. “Be sure to take a comfortable position to not have to reach or bend down, making massage, he warns. It is very important to make it as convenient as and your animal”.

Muscle pain and rigidity

“If your pet is difficult to walk down the stairs, then the cause is likely to be neck pain, explains Dr. Tigert. – Difficulty when climbing the stairs is almost always caused by back pain or hip joints. Veterinarians usually treat such disorders-hormonal drugs and muscle relaxants, but the animal can relieve pain through massage. I recommend to perform the techniques described in the book of Dr. Fox. People are amazed at how dramatic an improvement. I had to watch the cases, when the massage is delivered for aging dogs with arthritis and dogs of small breeds were shooting back pain and discomfort associated with deformation of the discs. They tell me that animals that previously had a hard hard walk, now, feeling the approach of massage, run up to the owner of the frisky and fun. Soon stairs no longer be an obstacle for them!”

Etail massage animals described in the encyclopedia “HEALING HANDS”, published in Moscow in 1992(translated from English).New edition of the book went on sale 10 years later. In encyclopedia many types of massage,post isometric relaxation,physiotherapy and much more.Useful book for all. Will share experiences from his 30-year practice.Somehow I got a call from friends who live 4 hours away in Northern Israel.Asked to help their dog Jim. Him during that period was 13 years. He jumped from a height of 3 meters and a sprained front right paw. The vet found nothing,he said-will be held. But the dog-the dog was moaning and could not walk.I took a chance to help.And here,sitting on the grass near the house,began to treat Jim.The first session was not easy:I and the dog got used to each other.But the following sessions have already been easier. Friends brought Jim 2 times a week with an interval of 3 days. After 2 treatments (massage ,soft manual therapy and relaxation) Jim was practically crying(not whining),as it was in the beginning.Before the procedures could not stand, limp.But with each session ( 30min) went better and more confident. At this age a dog treat hard,but I coped. Jim progil a year,died of old age,but I have his Photograph with the inscription “Dear doctor from Jim healthy”. What could be more of these words?

Reader REVIEWS Massage animals is another area of massage. Undoubtedly for all pet lovers – is simply a godsend! I myself a couple of days at his friends first played with the cat (he’s 7 months) and then when he was tired, I was patting and out of habit began to perform passes, easily, without disturbing the animal. So the result were shocked even the owners – the fact is that now this lovely creation to himself let only me and only I can safely take on hands and to stroke, others he occasionally bites and scratches, as before. Now after reading Your message tomorrow will go again, try. Can and friends show a couple of techniques to also sometimes pampered pet! And continuing the theme, as casually seen on TV a story about a man who did massage plants. The point was that he was in certain points of the plants at some time stuck the needles (acupuncture). There is also something to think about.

From the site editor: Thank you for your message.Useful to massage the cats behind the ears.Stroking clockwise,holding the skull, in the furrow of Meizu ears.It is useful to gently massage the breast and forelegs,from the sternum down to the paws.Useful to massage the posterior legs, from bottom to top and tail.And the iron tummy – not all cats like this procedure,be careful! And about massage plants,and the more about acupuncture, not heard. Maybe someone will explain in detail.Thanks in advance to all!

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Massage allowed, tips for animal lovers
The beneficial effect of massage not only maintaining the health of the animal. Many pet owners had opened her healing abilities, which had not previously existed. Making massage to your…

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