How to start breeding chickens in the small farm

Everyone is familiar with the fact that the home production was always better and better that which was carried out on the fields and farms of private farmers. It is more environmentally friendly and therefore will bring more benefits to the body. One embodiment of such homemade products is homemade chicken and eggs. Breeding chickens at home is quite simple and does not require any complicated technologies. And the proper cultivation and care will bring rich results in the form of meat and eggs.

Features and requirements for maintenance of laying hens chickens

The chicken is quite undemanding animal. So the coop can be allocated to any room. This can be a shed the grounds of the home or at the cottage and a small courtyard next to it. Inside the chicken coop must be nailed to the poles to roost and night birds. They should not be nailed too high.

The purpose for which you will take home the bird, will determine the internal arrangement of the chicken coop. If you are breeding chickens the hens – then it is advisable to prepare a place in which a bird will lay eggs. Natural nests of hens is grass. Accordingly, you should shoot the floor of the coop dry and clean straw. The straw should be changed as dirt and then laying hen will lay eggs in one place, which greatly simplify the collection of eggs.

To create potomstvennaya cock. One cock is enough for 9 to 13 chickens. In such cases, the effective acquisition of the incubator, which will facilitate hatching of eggs. Before incubation should choose the good eggs without the defect and the desired shape. Large eggs and two yolks – not suitable for incubation.

Profit birds will start to give after 5 months. So carefully and properly formulate a business plan on “avian production”. The quick profit comes from broilers. Already 35 days with proper mode, the Chicks reach a weight of 2.9 to 3 kg.

What breed to select for cultivation?

In the modern poultry industry there are three main types of chicken breeds:

Meat. I have the large size. Egg laying relative to the mean. A characteristic feature is that the chickens of this kind of a good hen. Broiler chickens, chinchin. Brahma. Cornish, goodan – the most common species of this type.

Egg. Low weight (2.5 kg). Have increased egg production. Very sick variety of breeds. The most common representatives Leghorn, white Russian, Orel, of minorcas and Rhode island.

Meat and egg. The best option for breeding chickens at home. The most hardy species. Representatives of this breed are unpretentious to the conditions of detention and can be grown in the country. Why not tell about the two above-mentioned types. Egg production egg slightly inferior breeds. A good hen. Calm in behavior and therefore do not require the erection of high fences. Members of the species – may day, Poltava, Kuchinski. Wyandotte. plymouthrock, Sussex.

Fight. Meet the breed: from 500 g to 7 kg. because Of the short tail need warm coops. The diet is a rich protein feed of plant and animal origin. At home are rare. Breeding these birds is not economically viable. And to write a business plan for growing this breed has no sense.

Decorative. The name speaks for itself. The economic benefits of such a breed will be. These chickens are bred for aesthetics and beauty are an avid poultry farmers.

A brief scheme for the breeding of chickens

Chickens bred in the home, require maintenance. Tune in to what part of your free time will be spent on cleaning the coop and feeding the birds. If free for luxury or you raise chickens in the country – it is advisable to hire someone who will watch over this. Importantly, the costs of this work were cost effective and did not produce damage instead of profit.

Prepare the location for future Pets. Equip the coop, vystelit floor with straw, set and lock poles-roosts, spend the light. It is worth remembering that the places for breeding and carrying eggs must be clean and shaded. In such circumstances, chickens will bear more eggs. The coop must have two doors. One at the top for ventilation, and another at the bottom – to release the birds into the pen.

Buy chickens – one of the most critical moments. Decide for yourself what you will be giving emphasis on cultivation of chickens – meat, eggs, or meat and eggs together. After buy Chicks of the respective species. It is worth remembering that if you want to raise chickens only for eggs – rooster then not be necessary. If you are breeding chickens is something new – it is advisable to buy about 20 chickens.

Growing chickens at home is a very important stage. To ensure that the Chicks grew fast and were healthy you need:

to give every morning crushed shells, boiled eggs, green onions and wheat. All thoroughly;

in the evening you need to give yogurt or cottage cheese;

water should always be present during feeding;

river sand you need to mix in the evening feed. It is used for chickens a good mineral Supplement.

Chickens start laying at five months. With twenty chickens per week you will receive about 60 eggs. Experienced farmers claim that after 8 months 20 chickens will pay for themselves and the family with eggs and homemade chicken.

When buying food you should not buy large stocks. Calculate how many eats to feed a day old Chicks. The chicken is not fastidious in feeding. Diversify the diet of various cereals and mixed fodder.

What breed of chickens to buy? Where to buy?

Chickens sold at farmers ‘ fairs, bird markets, poultry farms. It is useful to buy chickens reared in the home. You have to decide for what purpose you are raising chickens. For example, chicken broilers very quickly gaining ground. After 2-3 months the Chicks will grow up to 4 kg. of Egg breeds start laying 5 months later. So it pays to be patient. Meat-egg breeds of chickens are bought the most. This is the best option. You will always be with meat and eggs.

Some of the details of growing poultry chicken

Growing chickens at home has its own quirks and nuances:

chickens for their eggs need light. Equip the coop in winter light and the number of eggs will not fall;

the chicken will not lay eggs in a dirty place. Replace more often the straw in the hen house, especially in places where scooting chickens;

so the eggs were tough and the chicken needed calcium. It is in charcoal and chalk;

once a week add in the poultry diet salt. It promotes better digestion. But the main thing is that it destroys helminths (worms);

chickens can withstand temperatures down to -20 C. In colder regions need to insulate a chicken coop;

the coop should be light and ventilated. This factor affects the egg production;

in the first days of birth, the Chicks should remain at a temperature below about 30 C;

breeding hens laying hens is best done from egg rock.

Carefully compose your business plan. Professionals recommend to follow three conditions: good menu, clean and optimal temperature in your chicken coop.

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