How to open a production of extruded feed

Transformations in agriculture, the sluggish move pace, the main reasons for this conservatism is the mentality. Traditionally all over the world farmers, and all rural areas, from villages and to provincial towns, were conservatives. This is not a feature of the “Russian soul”, but simply a consequence of lifestyle, so I live and work most people associated with agriculture worldwide, starting with USA and Europe, to China and Japan.

The truth is, stimuli can “shake” even the biggest conservatives and it’s money. The possibility of new paths and the use of intensive technologies vividly prove that agriculture is the using of innovations can bring a lot more money than traditional. And can happen again, but not necessarily to use the “forbidden” techniques with the “chemotherapy and antibiotics” enough to properly balance the available components. In the last article we talked about the advantages of using ready mixed feed for fattening, and that the establishment of a small mini-productions via feed not only help the farmer but also provide an excellent opportunity to create your own business with relatively small investments. Today let’s go a little with the other hand and talk for extruded animal feed and their role in the new model small livestock.

Why mini-workshop production of feed ekstrudirovannogo promising?

The process of manufacturing ekstrudirovannogo feed is heat treatment (at high temperatures of 100 degrees) raw materials under high pressures (20 atmospheres). As a result of these processes change the physical properties of initial components.To bore the readers with all the features of this treatment will not, the Internet is full of information of this kind, one thing equipment allows you to have a small room and minimal infrastructural elements which makes it possible to organize mini-workshops. At the output we obtain the extruded feed and this raises a lot of questions, and so what’s wrong with this poop:

the first and perhaps most sadly, during the heat treatment with high pressure loss of vitamins and minerals;

second, the conditional efficiency of the use of such feed compared to traditional forage has not been proven. The manufacturers themselves say about 95% digestibility ekstrudirovannogo feed, but such feed does not give better results in fattening, that is a fact, but the truth is there are other pluses, but they are lower.

third, consumables during the operation of the extruder are quite expensive. For example, for a small screw extruders are designed for the manufacture of a pair of a ton of finished product, which actually does not benefit from the “home” extruders. The working life of the industrial extruders by several orders of magnitude higher. Plus the cost of electricity for the manufacture of such feed is quite significant.

But from my point of view, all cons are completely leveled the benefits of manufacturing ekstrudirovannogo feed:

first. The use of extruded feed in the rearing period increases the profitability of the entire process by as much as 5%. Agree that overall profitability of 25-30%, plus 5, is the actual increase in profits by 20%. This positive result is caused by just one factor, in the preparation of such feed, the raw material is subjected to heat treatment resulting in loss of all pathogenic microorganisms as a result of mortality of young animals drops sharply. As a result the increase of profits and the business to become successful.

It should be noted that this factor works precisely in the period of growing, than agree with even the biggest opponents of extruded feed. During fattening, the use of such forages losing its effectiveness for this position.

second. Technological features of the production of food allow us to use raw materials production waste, or “contaminated” grain. For the manufacture of feed cannot be used “infected” or tainted grain, fraught with consequences (deaths of animals), but after the extrusion process such a feed can be used. Plus the recipe feed is possible (even necessary) to introduce chopped straw and hay, which after processing become easily digestible form. That is, raw materials for such product is of poor quality raw materials, respectively, the cost of raw material significantly lower than in the manufacture of conventional feed. As a consequence, all the disadvantages in the form of more energy-intensive production mitigated by the cost of raw materials, the output is the product able to compete (and win) at the price of conventional feed.

Think two advantages, although they can lead to more, but basic all the same two, allow you to really create a successful business in a mini-production. Especially given the competitive rates of the finished product.

It is worth noting that even today as a farm pig and cattle growing has begun to enter into the diet of young animals extruded feed, which ensures the growth of demand in the near future. As a result, the creation of a production today exactly hit the rising wave of demand.

How to organize a small production ekstrudirovannogo feed?

The organization of such production consists of several stages:

– the choice of premises. Plus the necessary hangars warehouses with a total area of 200 square meters. Good unused premises of livestock farms. As a rule, shortage of such premises.

– purchase of equipment. Definitely need to buy the extruder, industrial machines cost in the region of 200 thousand rubles, plus a shredder for straw and hay. Ideally, the whole set can be purchased for 300 thousand, including the mixer.

– purchase of raw materials. Usually this problem does not arise, purchasing is on the elevators (they have waste and “marriage” is usually a lot), plus purchasing directly from farmers straw, hay, and waste after cleaning and processing grain. An additional source can serve all kinds of plant for production of flour, groats.

– establishing sales structures. Then optimal to go directly to the farm and sale at wholesale prices, by the way, the food itself can be further milled and adding the premix to produce a balanced feed, the cost increases, but the demand for balanced feed will grow. And of course don’t forget about direct selling through the markets.

Communicating with the owner of a small shop, found that at the beginning of the business up to 80% of products were sold directly to farmers, and only 20% on the market. A year later, the situation has changed and the same about 60% goes through the market and only 40% directly to farmers. People “tasted” and gladly take the products for feeding farm.

At a conservative estimate of the payback of the unit is 9 months, the overall profitability of production reaches 50%.

Input on this line under the description of this business idea, if such method of earning on the processing doesn’t like it, other ideas with minimal investment on the processing here.

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