How to care for cats?

The cat is though very undemanding pet. however, to it should treat very carefully and regular care.Nuances though not very many, but they all need to remember and apply, especially if you have recently purchased a kitten.

Instructions for care and nurture:

Accustom to the toilet

Cats are very smart animals, so they quickly realise where their “cause.” You can simply buy in a specialty store the tray with the required filler. If the kitten made a puddle in a different place, do not rush to blame (you need patience here), blot with toilet paper and put it in the tray, next time, kitty will find the right place. The main thing that his place was easily accessible for him and comfortable.


The most basic care for long fur of the cat is, above all, the constant combing and straightening the hair. After all, if you do not follow the wool regularly, it is likely the formation of different balls that not only spoils the appearance and beauty of your home favorite, but moreprivate to various diseases. Fortunately, at the moment in the special. stores you can find huge number of different brushes and combs that you can comb as on wool, and versus.

Sometimes you need to learn some hairdressing features, because the belly fur of cats, even if her regular care, anyway sometimes you have to cut. It is the bottom of the hair is most susceptible to the formation of different tangles. For this haircut you need to use scissors with a blunt end, but the prerequisite is before cutting the straightening of the rolled coil. Of course, if this procedure is not possible, then you can just trim those balls.

But if you think that buying short-haired kitten, you will free yourself from such worries – you are deeply mistaken. After all, short-haired cat you need to comb every four days. The procedure is performed with a special comb with small teeth from the nape to the tail, but keep the coat of your pet lay more smoothly, it should simply often be brushed and ironed.

Get rid of dandruff

To avoid formation of dandruff short-haired cats, they need regular and thorough bathing. Still, if the dandruff and caught off guard by your beauty, then you will litter a lot of shampoos that you can buy in the store. Never use detergents and shampoos for humans, because the wool has a very different structure and use of such chemicals can only do harm.

Clean cats ears

As a long-haired and short-haired cats need regular cleaning of the ears. Such a procedure should be performed quite carefully, before bathing or after. Take a tampon on a stick, soak it in a solution of mineral oil or alcohol. To wipe the eye only with available sides and in no event it is impossible to get deep, so as not to cause injury to the ear.

Care face

Older cats need special care for his lovely face. Regularly check the eyes and around the eyes if there are tears or some other plaque – you need to remove it. Similar care needed for each pet, but the body is quite interesting cats and that old cats are more prone to wrinkles, which can soon become infected if you do not RUB the eye.

Care for the oral cavity

One important factor is the care of the oral cavity our home beauties. Of course, this is, primarily, the work and the competence of the vet, but we, the hosts, depends much. It is your responsibility to regularly check for broken teeth in your cat. Also need from time to time to brush your teeth and gums. This is not difficult, wrap around your finger a piece of gauze and use this device as a toothbrush. Eventually, when the kitten grows up and his jaw gets a little bigger, you can buy a special brush and toothpaste at the store. With regular care for the oral cavity you eliminate stone formation, caries and many other unpleasant diseases.

Finally, there is one of the favorite procedure. To perform such “surgery” is before the bath, just gently hold the foot of the animal with their fingers and special scissors trim the claw. For adults, this procedure should be carried out every two weeks, for young kittens once a week.

This, basically, is the whole basic care. Adhering to our tips, your pet will always remain healthy, beautiful and happy animals. Good luck!

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