FMD is everyone should know the owner of the animals

FMD is an infectious, acute and rapidly spreading disease of cloven-hoofed animals, caused by one of the variants of the virus types O,A,C, SAT-1, SAT-2, SAT-3 and Asia-1. Characteristic clinical signs of the disease are intermittent fever, aphthae and erosions in the mucosa of the mouth, on the skin of the Corolla and mezhkopytnoy gap, nasal mirror, the udder. You can parabolani animals with vague clinical signs. Newborn calves foot and mouth disease can occur in peracute form with a deadly outcome without the formation of the AFL. FMD can hurt people. The clinical picture and symptoms of foot and mouth disease: FMD Infected people can only be from animal, contacting with them and eating infected dairy products raw . During pasteurization and boiling of milk (the main methods of prevention of FMD), the causative agent of FMD is killed. Statistics of Contracting the disease like this: 65% of cases of infection with FMD resulting from the consumption of raw milk, 1% use other dairy products: yogurt, kefir, butter, whey produced from raw milk, and, finally, 34% of infection with FMD virus in humans occurred through contact with sick animals. In the latter case, vectors of the disease can serve litter, drinkers, feed, water, manure, even the clothes of farm workers. It was also found that the wool of infected zhivotovskaya at least another month.Cow, goat, camel milk is contagious even before the appearance of external signs of foot and mouth disease (ulcers on mucous membrane), and remain so for another 12 days. The FMD virus in humans, a parasite on mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, nails and between fingers.

FMD in humans is embedded in the mucosa of the mouth and (or) the upper respiratory tract . In these places there are bubbles that are destroyed at the expiration of the incubation period (from three to eight days), as a result of the FMD virus gets into the blood. At this stage the formation of secondary lesions on mucous membranes of lips, nose, throat, mouth, cheeks, tongue.Then comes the stage of the septic foot and mouth disease, which is characterized by high temperature (40°) and the appearance of bubbles on the skin (between the fingers and around the nails). Of blood vessels the FMD virus gets into the internal organs and is excreted in the feces, urine, saliva, bile.The General condition of the patient with foot and mouth disease early in the disease severe – fever, fatigue, chills, low blood pressure, headache and quickens the pulse. All this happens in the first two days of illness, and most vividly and painfully expressed the symptoms of FMD on the first day: a person painful mucous membranes of the nose, the tongue, mouth, he can feel the burning sensation in the mouth, experience muscle and lumbar pain. Also, there is profuse salivation, swollen and red mucous membranes of the cheeks, tongue, lips, arches and soft palate.

Treatment: the Patient’s disease must be hospitalized at least two weeks. Especially important is bed rest in the initial acute course of the disease. Patients with FMD, is assigned to a light diet with plenty of drinking and feeding several times a day in small portions of liquid or semi-liquid food that is easily digested. There are also cases of feeding through a tube. Before eating the FMD patient given benzocaine (0.1 g).

– In case of suspicion of animal disease foot and mouth disease animal owners are REQUIRED to immediately notify the veterinary specialist of the state veterinary service. Before the arrival of the veterinary surgeon animal owners are REQUIRED to do the following:

– isolate the sick and suspicious animals on a disease, that a separated staff, eliminating the contact with the persons caring for other animals. The rest of the animals be left in place, and to prevent their transfer to other facilities in other areas of the pasture;

– it is forbidden to travel by vehicle of any type owned by the households, individuals from the item quarantined;

– poultry in the territory of the affected settlements contain indoors and dogs on a leash;

– not allowed the movement of people outside the affected areas without complying with the measures and procedures established by the local veterinary authorities and the Commission for FMD control;

– in the affected local health authorities carry out activities on prevention of human cases of FMD through subordinate sanitary-epidemiological station, district health professionals in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation;

– persons assigned to the service of the sick cattle should be provided with removable clothes and shoes, towels, soap and disinfectant solution for the treatment of hand and first aid kit;

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