farmers sell home-raccoons and foxes

Yekaterinburg, July 29 (New Region, Olga Tarasova. Anton Guskov) – With the onset of summer, when activated sale puppies raccoons and foxes of all kinds, and frequent cases of refusal of owners from newly acquired “toys”. Many are willing to sell the animal for less than the market value or give them away for free just to get rid of troublesome animals that spread flat in the chips. To find a new home to raccoons and foxes help experienced breeders on the forums.

In the last couple of weeks on the site free of advertisements and on specialized forums of communication pet owners began to receive messages about the resale of exotic animals with hands – raccoons, black-brown foxes and foxes of genecov, which has become fashionable to keep in apartments for two or three years ago. The fact that in the spring – early summer breeders are selling the last litter of raccoons and foxes. And now the newly minted owners, you appreciate its capabilities before purchasing the puppies, trying to sell them at least at a reduced price, and sometimes give them away for free. Someone honestly admits he does not cope with keeping the animals at home, someone calls the most popular causes of failure – Allergy or birth of a child .

Mainly to find new owners for raccoons and Fox cubs help themselves breeders or experienced owners, moreover – they often take themselves to sereivathana, while raising more than one pet. Therefore, Anoto and lisovody advise everyone to think a hundred times before to pay tribute to the fashion for exotic animals and make essentially wild pet . which is almost impossible to tame. On specialized sites, there are entire topics for beginners, in which the owners tell us that is capable of cute looking puppies.

“In the ads about writing the wrong raccoon. And that’s what we have: torn Wallpaper in a newly refurbished flat, cut off the handles on the kitchen cupboards, the constant “visits” to the oven. Climbs out black and greasy as hell, but teaches me to order my pan at once, so you do not wash it, raccoon (that’s another story), and the apartment. Broken chair in the trash on the balcony (the hole in it is apparently built), continuous attacks on the wires (especially the Internet cable, how knows right) – lists the “charms” of the content of a raccoon in the apartment no new posts “Felis”. – About toilets – in the stunned, walks out of her bedroom and deliberately in the corner, and by and large and little, recently went on the rampage and several times during the evening, writing on sneakers, goes on it. What else. broken shoes, opening the closet and a nest of things (dented, bongs, dirty. obos slightly*HN. )))). The constant hunt for the cat, in trying to curb the outrageous run up to Lula, a permanent +10 to dexterity, if you don’t want with a hole in its hands to walk. On the floor always some debris lying around, at least 10 times a day sweep. Plus almost every night “course of the young mother” – hungry cheers of the whole house, eat-drink-play-Boca itch, etc. About quiet evenings in front of the computer can be forgotten, the Coon must walk. On long trips, if there is no reliable “handles” and “handles” will have to pozabotitsya. The permanent sracha netscom housing, interference when trying to remove. Nasty, selfish, capricious, lustful, stubborn, sometimes terribly stupid and dishonest some animal that is raccoon”.

The sellers of puppies raccoon continues to assure potential buyers that the raccoon sweetest creatures that are easily tamed and live well in apartments. For example, describe the raccoon-girl sellers from Ekaterinburg .

“You saw a raccoon? No, not in pictures and in movies but in real life, up close? If so, you will never forget how this sweet, touching, mischievous, sociable and cute creature! No wonder now, when the opportunity arose to have unusual, exotic animals, so many people wants to have it raccoon… fanatical love of animal to clean it and named “gargle,” – said in the announcement of the sale of the puppy raccoon for 35 thousand rubles. – The ideal content of a raccoon in a cage, on the street or on the balcony (but in the cage). Able to do a great “friends” with good dogs and cats. Sale brand handmade baby girl little Coon black and silver color! Gentle and suitable for keeping in a city apartment or a country house and communicate with children and Pets”.

Similar story with the fashion content at home Fox different kinds – red, black-brown, chanterelle of genecov. However, due to lower cost – 10-20 thousand rubles per pet – Fox are gradually becoming even more popular than raccoons. As in the above ad, the sellers claim that this is the sweetest Pets, are easy to tame and keep at home. However, when dealing with the owners it appears that Fox is so noisy that allow them to live not only owners, but also neighbors, they are difficult to housebreak and difficult to find the right diet.

“The furniture I have almost all nibbled, just like everything else. The baby toys will chew, the household will not appreciate for sure! I have my own room, Fox it out, and still the family is not very happy about this neighborhood,” says the owner of red Fox, Elena Zhukova, is in the Fox breeders group “Vkontakte”.

“My Fox was living all the time at home! And was constantly in a cage in my absence, until she came to the balcony 6 X 2))) during the day she walks there by herself, and the night still goes to sleep in the cage! However sleep is rudely told, because the songs she likes to sing to me at night))) Screams loudly! The neighbors probably complained, but the input call does not work”, – says the hostess of a Fox Natalia Shapkina in the same community group.

Despite all this, sales of exotic animals is less with time, becomes, rather, on the contrary. Raccoons have started to sell already and offline pet stores. So, two puppies sold about a month ago in one of the shops in the neighborhood. According to the sellers, requesting the return of the animals has not yet been reported.

In “animal protection may ask” also say that they still did not Annex raccoons and foxes. “‘ve been asked to build a bear, snakes and other exotic animals. The bear in the end, we in the forestry redirected, snakes have found a home. With a request to find a new home for the raccoon or Fox, thank God, have not yet applied. It is in principle unsafe: unvaccinated animals are sick with rabies,” – said “New Region” the head of the charitable public organization “animal protection may ask” Anna Wyman.

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