Exotic cat – breed description

The greatest difficulty is typically the last item. Few cats like when they open their mouth and brush their teeth. However, this is a necessary procedure that prevents the development of Tartar. To teach a pet from a young age accustom him to the procedure. For this it is best to buy a special brush for animals or nursery, silicone. Take the kitten under the front legs to the rear standing on a hard surface. Open his mouth and lightly swipe the brush on the teeth. The first few times, better to do it without the pasta, and later, when the animal will get used to it, you can slightly powder brush tooth powder.

Cleaning the ears and eyes should take place every 2 weeks. If there is severe tearing, this is the first sign of eye disease. But there is another side – due to the shortened nasal septum, lacrimation may be permanent. In this case, wipe the cat face with a wet napkin several times a day.

Bathing a cat is necessary. And urgently need to be bathed only when it molts and when it gets really dirty. In other cases, you can perform this procedure as needed – usually every couple of months.

Comb the wool rather than the procedure. Almost all of the exotics really like their card, and not resist it. Standard set for the care of hair – slicker brush, messagename, brush for untangling the tangles comb.


Since the domestication of the cat has lost the ability to hunt, thereby obtaining the required nutrients from trapped prey. Now the challenge is to ensure Pets a balanced diet falls on the owner.

Food for exotic cats should contain high quality protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins and beneficial trace elements. The easiest option for feeding dry cat food, which is best connected with useful substances. In addition, high-quality food acts as prevention of plaque, cleaning the teeth. However, not all feeds are useful, but only premium or super-premium class.

If you feed your cat natural food, it is important to follow a few rules:

Feed the kittens 3-4 times a day, adult cat 2 times (morning and evening);

Not offer the pet a vegetarian menu for the normal functioning of the body needs animal protein, i.e. meat.

In addition to the basic food necessary mineral supplements and vitamins that can be acquired at the pet store or the vet.

Well suited for feeding beef fat, pork fat, liver, kidney, chicken, carrots, eggs, salad and dairy products.

Health and diseases of exotic cats

Diseases of exotic cats is very similar to the problems of the Persians because of the structural features of the nasopharynx. All Pets with short noses are prone to curvature of the lachrymal canal, which can increase tearing. Also the cat may snore at night.

But in General, exotics are more healthy than the Persians. As a result the impurities of the blood Shorthair breed they have a stronger immune system and decreased the chance of developing infectious diseases.

Representatives of this breed is also not comfortable with the heat – their thick undercoat which keeps warm. So the cat had a heat stroke, smaller leave it under the sunlight.

Estrus and mating exotic cats

The number of litters of exotic cats does not affect the number of kittens. The more fertile the ability of the nursling, the more cubs she may make.

The pregnancy of these Pets is easy, but with the delivery they need professional help. Genera occur usually on 63-66 day from the moment of conception. During pregnancy the cat should be fed 3-4 times a day, best special food with a high content of nutrients.

A few days before delivery, prepare a birthing box with a soft blanket. As soon as the cat starts looking for a place to give birth, put the box in her chosen place.

Pregnancy and kittens exotic cats

Before you bring the baby home, it is important to choose a good nursery and get acquainted with all the kittens. Dedicated breeder not only will you choose the best kitten, based on your recommendations and will provide all necessary documents, including a veterinary passport and pedigree.

Do not take an animal home under the age of two months – before the kittens should be with mom that will teach them all the tricks of adult life. Socializing with peers is also kids good.

A healthy kitten exotic cat is very affectionate and loves to play. He fun together with other sports, is not afraid of people and doesn’t show signs of aggression. Eyes and ears should be clean. If you choose a companion for the soul, choosing the sex of the animal is dictated by individual preference. Usually cats are more docile than males, but there is a downside – the sterilization operation more complex and costly than neutering a cat. Cats are less attached to the owner, often manifested willfulness and obstinacy.

Types and breeds exotic cats

Due to the large demand for these funny Pets, breeders are trying to get as much as possible in the offspring, breeding exotic and Persian cats. As a result of this there are mestizos with exotic face and long hair.

Most of these cats are called Persian exotic, being intermediate between the American Shorthair and breed “pure” Persians.

Also known mestizo with the addition of Scottish blood. These kittens are born with extremely lop-eared and short nose.

Interesting facts about the exotic cat

Representatives of this breed have very short noses in the world among cat – it is a tiny nozzle attached to cats and children a little surprised expression.

The exotics were in the top 10 most popular breeds in the world.

Prices of kittens exotic cats

Depending on the rating of the kennel and its location. Kittens-companions cost anywhere from 3 thousand rubles and above, whereas pet with pedigree will cost you the sum of 15 thousand roubles to 50 thousand rubles.

To purchase the animal on Avito or an acquaintance is not recommended, because due to the popularity of exotics you can sell a half-breed. In addition, the kitten spent the money saying that in his feeding and veterinary care invested considerable amount, and this is an important key to good health.

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