Dog training in Rostov-on-don

offers next services:

– dog training in Rostov-on-don and region;

– training and raising a puppy (for puppies 4 months);

growing and training a puppy from 4 months of living in our center ; – training and correction of unwanted dog behavior; training a dog;

– advanced course of training for protective service: dog-bodyguard, security guard of private property;

– training and preparation of dogs of breed a German shepherd and a Rottweiler to kerung;

– training and training of dogs of any breeds and their presentation at the exhibition (handling);

– the training of the dog in presence of owner on desplomado of the city;

– the training of the dog without the owner with the dog stay in the Center;

– NEW training of dogs on the program “Daily Board”;

– hotel for cats ,cats,kittens ;

– hotel for dogs ;

special courses of training :

– The UHU (controllable city dog); – OKD (General course of training); – ZKS (protective guard duty); – IPO (international system of training)

Team canine Centre dog training in Rostov-on-don is pleased to welcome you on its site. Here you will find detailed information about our activities and services for the upbringing, training in obedience and casinosecure and correction of problem behavior of dogs of different breeds. All this can be found in the sections “Desplomado” and “Services”.

If you are only going to get a dog, but have not decided on a breed, we will tell you about characteristics of different breeds, based on years of experience with dogs, and help with choosing a breed according your wishes. If in the end you stop your choice on the classics of the genre, German shepherd, welcome to the “Kennel”, which is dedicated to the kennel of German shepherd “Police dog”, the owners of which we are.

You need at the time of your absence to leave your pet, dog or cat, overexposure, under supervision? We will gladly take care of him! Welcome to our zoo hotels! More detailed information about admission requirements and content of the four-legged guests can be found in the section “Hotel”.

The attention of the owners of Central Asian and Caucasian sheep-dogs! Training of dogs of these breeds should start early enough, at the age of 6-7 months. In our practice, often the situation arises when training your dog at an older age is not possible due to the very large size of the animal, and, accordingly, a very large body mass. The situation is complicated by the characteristic species of natural malice and a lack of General socialization (dogs are not accustomed to be kept on the street, on a leash).

NEW there was a service of daily Board . The details in the “Services”section.


At first glance, is very simple: find some ads in Newspapers and on the Internet, call them, find where it is cheaper, and you can begin to practice. Such an approach to the question of training your pet extremely unfortunate! Because the work is a competent and honest professional, in the best case, is just wasted money and bad mood and at worst of a bad dog (because of mistakes in the training, unfortunately, often impossible to correct).

Therefore, before starting the course, clarify some details. First, what is the name of the trainer ( not only his name but also the name). Secondly, if he has documents confirming his / her qualification (certificate, instructor — trainer, the helper, the expert on working qualities and sports RKF, Russian Cynological Federation), ask them to show you. Don’t be deceived by the tales of someone who once trained a dog in the army or police. Random people are everywhere. Third, find out how long the trainer works: a person engaged in the business for a long time, clearly loves his job.

Try to get on dressploschadku where the instructor. Let’s see how they behave desirousness dogs: they are cheerful or depressed. Ask to see the work of the dogs, with whom he worked or works trainer.

Show the trainer your dog tell him about what you expect from the training. If you promise that the dog will do absolutely anything, this should alert you. Each of us has their own, individual mental and physical features in virtue of which there are different speeds of perception, different inclinations to the attainment of the course. Typically, in the course of training the trainer should let you know that your dog can successfully perform, and that it will get worse. Professional may withdraw from the training your dog, if your requirements are not adequate dog and the dog will not be able to comply with them.

Conclusion: before sending your pet to training, verify the professionalism of the person who will conduct this training.

Kawamari Alexander, a licensed instructor-trainer, judge National category

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