Dog breeds not suitable for apartments.

Herding dogs

Everyone’s favorite collie, Alabai, shepherd – all these Pets can be seen daily in residential neighborhoods, but because we have come to the opinion that they are perfect for life in the confined space of a city apartment. But initially, these reliable friends of man have served to keep the rural settlements from wild animals and strangers who happen to find themselves in distant lands. These breeds are genetically tuned for life under the open sky, but man for some reason decided otherwise.

Sled dogs

This category is absolutely not intended for confined space animals include huskies, malmute and other Northern breeds. They are born to live in the North and excessive heat of the apartments only shortens their already difficult lives.

That only is constantly drop them (especially in summer) wool! You will collect it throughout the apartment, your belongings and even in the kitchen it will become something of a daily seasoning to any food.


Greyhounds, Maremma and others like them need regular long walks. They simply suffer, sitting at the window of the apartment and waiting for the arrival of the owner. They need to walk constantly, several hours a day, in any weather and any time of the year. Ready? Well then try, but don’t cry afterwards that the pet takes up too much time. Such sobasically to run daily more than 20-30 km away. You are a professional runner or rider on the bike? Then ignore the advice of dog experts and safely play hunter.


This is a squad of larger dogs who were to guard the courtyards of the person from the entry of outsiders. They can easily kill a person or animal who ignored the warning growl of “baby”. “These dogs live all over the place!” – you object. Yes, we live, we reply and tell you if a lot of horror stories, like Rottweilers, Dobermans and German shepherd dogs attacked not only for walking children, but also their owners. Although, of course, all rules have exceptions, but is it worth experimenting?

Many breeders mistakenly assume that any “animal” can be tamed, if you pay enough attention to her. You can, but not any, Wherefore be wise and before you make a final decision which dog to bring into your home, talk with experienced breeders and get advice of a dog handler.

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