Champions among domestic animals


The biggest cow, the biggest cow mount Katadin Cow mount Katahdin, Holstein-hybrid / Durham, during the period from 1906 to 1910 often reached weight 2270 kg She had to 1.88 m at the shoulder and torso 3.96 m in girth. The biggest carbamoyl approximately in 1923 in a fire on the farm.

The smallest cow Namibian owambo the smallest breed of cattle – the Namibian owambo. On average the bulls weigh 225 kg, and cows – 160 kg. Maybury In may 1984 it was announced that adult cow dexterboy breed named Maybury has at the withers 86,3 see Her owner was R. Hillier, UK.

The greatest yield of M. J. Machel and the Son of the Highest lifetime milk yield is 211 025 kg. Such quantity of milk was milking by may 1, 1984 from 289 cows, owned by M. J. Masel and Son from Hanford, PCs California, USA. Acme Goldie The highest milk yield per lactation (max 365 days) was 26 963 kg. This record was set in 1995 by cow Friesian Acme Goldie 2, owned by Bryce Miller, gr. Northamptonshire, UK.

The smallest horse

Little Pumpkin According to the documents, the smallest horse was a stallion little Pumpkin, which was owned by J. Williams, Jr. farm with mini-horses”Della Terra”. Inman, PCs South Carolina, USA. On November 30, 1975 and his height was 35.5 cm and weighs 9 kg. Argentine falabella, The smallest breed of horses – falabella Argentine, bred by Julio Falabella from Recco-de-Rock. The smallest instance was a Mare with a height of 38 cm and a weight of 11.9 kg.

The old horse

Old Billy Maximum age at which live horse, equal to 62 years. It is known that for many years was old Billy, owned by Edward Robinson from Wolston, gr. Lancashire, UK, in 1822, Duke tango is the Maximum age until which survived thoroughbred racehorse, is $ 42. So many years have lived a chestnut gelding tango Duke, owned by Carmen J. Koper, Barongarook, pieces of Victoria, Australia. The horse lived to 25 January 1978 Pony a Pony that belonged in 1919, a farmer from Central France, lived to be 54 years. Joey Marsh pony named Joey, owned by June and Rosie Osborne of Church equestrian centre, Wickham-Bishop, gr. Essex, United Kingdom, survived until 1988, He was 44 years old.

The largest mules are Apollo and Anak, Anak and Apollo, owned by Herbert L. Mueller of Columbia, Illinois, USA, is the largest mules. Apollo the height at the withers is equal to 1,96 m, weight – 998 kg. Height of Anak – 1.91 m, weight – kg. 952,2

The Suffolk breed of sheep (Suffolk breed)

The largest sheep

The stretford Wisper Sheep of Suffolk breed named the stretford Whisper owned by Joseph and Susan Elberger from Boring, pieces Oregon, USA, in 1991 weighed 247,2 kg and had withers height of 1.09 m.

The smallest sheep

Basanska breed is the smallest breed of sheep – Usansky, bred to O. Wazan, Brittany, France. When the height at the withers 45-50 cm, these sheep weigh 13-16 kg.

The oldest sheep

Griffiths and Davis Hybrid sheep, owned by Griffiths and Davis from Dolcetti Hall, UK, in 1988 at the age of 28 gave birth to a healthy lamb. Prior to that, she successfully agneles more than 40 times. The sheep lived almost 29 years.

The largest goat

Mostyn Moorcock British goat zaanensky breed named Mostyn Moorcock, belonged to Pat Robinson from Avias Harold (UK), weighed 181,4 kg, were 111.7 cm at the withers and 167,6 cm in length. He lived for 4 years.

The smallest goat

Some dwarf goats dwarf goats weigh about 15-20 kg.

The largest pig big bill Champion-the heavyweight among pigs was a hybrid of Polish and Chinese rocks – hog big bill. In 1933, during transportation to the Chicago world fair, he accidentally broke his leg and had to be put down. Prior to this he was weighed and recorded the weight 1157,5 kg. old Slot British Pig breed Gloucester old Slots produced by Joseph Lawton of Astbury had, gr. Cheshire, UK, weighed 6395 kg, had at the withers 1.43 m. Its length was 2.94 m

The smallest Mini pigs-maialino the smallest breed of pigs mini maialino was bred Stefano Morini (Italy), as a result of a decade of work with the Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs. Newborn pigs weighing 400 g and adults – 9 kg.

Whitall the largest breed of chickens whitsell was bred by crossing big rodelinda with other breeds. The most important representative of this breed was the rooster named Wirdo that in January 1973, weighed, reportedly 10 kg. the big snow, a Rooster named big snow, owned by Ronald Aldridge from Ducare, PCs Queensland, Australia, June 12, 1992 was 10.51 kg. weighed the Girth of his chest was equal to 84 cm, and the height at the withers – 43,2 cm He lived until September 6, 1992

White Leghorn Chicken breed white Leghorn 2988 for 364 days 371 demolished the egg. This official test ended on August 29, 1979 was held under the leadership of Harold V. Beeler in the Agricultural College of the University of Virginia. of Missouri, USA.

The greatest number of yolks

Diane Hainsworth 1971 Diane Hainsworth from poultry farms Hainsworth, MT Morris, NY, USA, has reported nine yolks contained in one egg. The same message came from Kyrgyzstan (which was the part of USSR) in August 1977

The heaviest Turkey

Tyson is The largest slaughter weight of turkeys is $ 39,09 weighed So many pounds. a Turkey named Tyson reared by Philip cook in the household Leacroft Turkis co., Ltd., Peterborough, gr. Cambridgeshire, UK.

The biggest litters

The most prolific cows Lubeck 25 April 1964, he reported that the cow named Lubeck from Mogilev, Belarus (then part of the USSR), gave birth to 7 calves. T. J. Arvad In 1928, T. J. Arvada from Manchester, UK, reported on 5 live calves from the same litter. Big Bertha Big Bertha, a cow Demenskoj breed, owned by Jerome 0 Liri, Kerry, Republic of Ireland, gave birth to during his life of 39 calves. In addition, she had a cow the longest life, dying shortly before his 49 birthday in 1993 Nordeen Hubert Danish bull of Holstein-Friesian breed Nordeen Hubert, who lived to 12 years of age by January 1996, he left behind 250 002 descendant, what was the result of artificial insemination.

The most prolific pig Machinski hybrid Record litter of 37 piglets was registered on 21 September 1993, the sow 570 Mashinskoe hybrid muromskoy and large white breeds kept on the farm spouses Ford, Melbourne, FL. York, Australia. Of the 36 piglets born alive, survived 33. Large white breed Sows of large white breed, belonging to X. S. Pedlingham, from December 1923 to September 1934 were porosils 22 times, sired by 385 pigs.

The most prolific sheep breed Finnish andraska 4 September 1991 the Finnish landestoy sheep breeds owned by the partnership d-m-C. from Fielding, Manawatu, New Zealand, gave birth to 8 healthy lambs.

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