Cat breeds

The first Maine Coon appeared in the U.S. in Maine. Hence arose the name of the breed “Maine Coon”. The first representatives of the breed were color – “tabby” or the nickname “raccoon”.

Of all domestic cats, this breed is the largest. The male can weigh up to 17 pounds and females up to 7 pounds. Perhaps among them there are Pets and larger sizes, but in most cases it is the excess weight.

Wool Maine Coon medium, unlike other felids (e.g. Siberian) they should not often be brushed. But forget about combing is not necessary. If we talk about

the breed standards, we can emphasize the following points:

weight (varies from 6 kg to 12 kg on average);

the body is large, sprawling and well-muscled;

semi-long hair, paws with tufts of hair between the pads of the fingers;

large ears with brushes (often compared to the ears of a lynx);

large eyes different shades: Golden, yellow, or green;

recognized colors are red marble tabby, black and other. Not accepted are: chocolate, brown, lilac, fawn or any other color visually.

Cat breed Serengeti is unique in its kind. Though these cats and were bred in the USA, yet in their veins flows the blood of African wild cats that live in Tanzania,in honor of one of the savannas which the breed was named.

The Serengeti is a very large cat, shorthaired. Her two most distinctive features is the leopard coat and very large ears. Externally, the cat resembles an exact copy of leopard, though, of course, reduced several times.

The cat is very playful, loves children and is suitable as a pet in any family.

She is graceful, absolutely is not likely to be overweight. Feed her, however, need only fresh meat, otherwise she might get sick.

As for aggressiveness, then the cat it arises only in exceptional cases, when she is in danger. Her claws are very large and massive, so playing with it should also very carefully, and if scratched, it will not find it.

Loves the open space where can play for hours. Freedom-loving, but infinitely loyal to his master and very bad experiences moving to a different place than where she lived.

If you decide to purchase yourself a cat, you will certainly be the envy of all!

First cat Bombay, appeared in America in 1958. After twenty years of experience on the cat, already in 1978 it was possible to purchase her in the house, but it was not really available because it cost a lot of money and everywhere was on sale.

Cats of this breed are very active and energetic. These cats do not have a single owner, i.e. it is good to all residing in the family. The Bombay cats need to play and have fun, so they do not become discouraged and did not feel lonely.

The most important thing to keep your cat healthy – it is necessary every day to walk. Also, do not release the cat to walk alone because she can have contact with other Pets, and because of this she may get infected with different diseases. She must be a private space, so she could relax or just to play by himself.

You should not enter in the diet of dry and liquid feed. Better learn how to feed with natural products, such as meat or fish. After any consumption of food, should be allowed to drink water or milk so that food is properly digested. Also you need to give vitamins.

Cat – affectionate, gentle, but independent animal. What breeds are not displayed by the lovers of these animals, and each of them has its own character.

The Siberian breed is a large breed, all cats can reach 10 kg. Beautiful Siamese coat color and blue eyes make these cats are truly magnificent. They don’t like to impose on their society the owner, but if I see the owner is upset, you immediately start to soothe him with his soft and insinuating purr.

Maine Coon – breed appeared in North America. This cat breed has a large, muscular physique. Despite independent proud look, these cats have an angelic voice, their purring is reminiscent of the soft melody. Perhaps, this breed is one of the few who loves the water, they are ready to endure all hygienic procedures, just to be in the water.

The Turkish Angora is “aristocrat” in the cat world. Color – white, blue eyes. In the East, these cats are allowed to enter the mosque. They are considered a symbol of prosperity. But, unfortunately, often the representatives of this breed are deaf. It is a genetic disease, which is associated with their color. The character of these cats is quite controversial.

“Russian blue” – a real pride of Russian felinologists. Some people believe that the breeding did Catherine the Great and Russian blue cats were popular even among the peoples of Scandinavia.

In the mid-nineteenth century a few representatives of the breed were brought to Britain, where they were classified as “blue foreign type” short-haired cats. As a result of British breeding related to “British blue”.

In America Russian breed appeared only in the early XX century and was bred there her long-haired variety called the “Nibelungs”. Later it was crossed with the Siamese breed, thereby obtaining the first representatives of the modern Russian blue cats.

Long muscular body enables the cat to move with extraordinary grace and flexibility, all in her very harmoniously: the Russian breed is seen in almost every movement. Head short wedge, prominent pads, clearly outlined with a mustache.

These cats are large, long-haired representatives of their own kind. As the name implies, a country inhabited by these cats is Norway.

The Norwegian forest cat originally animals, later domesticated by man.

To characterize this breed can be quite the powerful build and large size. These cats grow to 8 kg. the Head is triangular, elongated shape, wide-set large sizes eyes. The ears are large, at the base much wider, set high on head, end brushes, type lynx.

These animals are known for a calm temper and docile nature, they are difficult to balance, but because these cats are ideal for families with children. They also react on the presence of other animals in the house, e.g., dogs or birds.

Setting the stage in the house fluffy Norwegian, you will receive customized cute friendly creature that more than any other of his counterparts, is configured to contact with the person.

Cat breeders characterize these cats as playful, brave, moderately active, and intelligent – all these qualities are preserved in the breed until very old age. Of course, every cat, like every person, is individual and unique, but in General within the breed, these characteristics remain reasonably accurate.

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