Breeding nutria

Nutria is an animal, in principle, unpretentious, small and do not require special care, but still in the breeding of nutria should follow certain rules associated with the arrangement of suitable premises, selection of feed and medicines, if needed.

Nutrias, and rabbits, live heap, large group of animals feel quite comfortable even in a limited space. Homeland nutria are tropical countries where these animals live mainly in the wild, choosing their natural habitat waters. When home or industrial breeding of nutria for the purpose of obtaining meat and fur, bodies of water might not be used enough to be spacious cages with constant access to water. To group of nutria on the cells is extremely difficult, but worth a try, separating ewes from young, and nutria for slaughter from those that are meant to further procreation. Carrying nutria can be time consuming and cause a lot of trouble, because these animals sometimes behave very aggressively. Nutria bite is very painful and dangerous, so you should avoid direct contact with the upper incisors of the animal, trying to take nutria during the abdomen, or tail, and best of all right by the tail.

It is important to remember that nutria are bad to someone who tries to hold them back, or to scratch your back, while stroking in the abdomen perceive with polimanteia.

In nutrientsto there are two directions and even the way breeding nutrias:

Cellular nutrientsto;

The semi-nutrientsto.

When you select the first method of breeding nutria farmer must be prepared for the fact that he will need cages, drinkers and premises for nutria not only in winter but in summer. Besides, it is necessary to stock a large amount of concentrated feed, vegetables and fresh herbs, while the transfer of nutria on semi-free content need only the preparation of the waterfront and lodges for nutria in the warmer months. Food animals will find yourself using a minimum amount of purchased feed.

Nutria feed on the green grass, including the one that grows under water, with great pleasure eat vegetables and fruits, will not refuse to feed. The latter method of breeding animals is most acceptable because it allows not only significant savings, but do not worry about vacuuming and cleaning of the premises, the supply of fresh water, and the like.

Nutria often ill with various infectious diseases, so the cells and the reservoir must be disinfected before the animals they inhabit.

So, breeding nutria not a hard task, if you organize to animals is the right approach, bearing in mind that nutria beautiful and gentle creature, living in freedom, with the consequence that to bother you with their attention to animals is not worth it.

Nutrias are bred not only for wool but also as an animal with a very good taste meat. Despite its small weight and dimensions of nutria to score it properly without having any knowledge in this area is extremely difficult, because you can permanently damage valuable read More

Puppies nutria are born viable and ready to consume food meant for adult animals. The first few days of life the puppies are in dire need of warmth and mother’s milk, so to disturb them without a special need is not necessary. In the first hours of life of the puppies sent to different read More

The process of the emergence of newborn nutria is called whelping.Whelping nutria happens without any problems, usually late at night. The female gives birth to 18 pups at a time, because sometimes that all puppies born will need more than 2 hours. Thus, the time of whelping depends directly on read More

Nutria is an animal special, unlike many other animals are able to reproduce at any time of the year, which is very convenient, because it does not require breeders extra time to conduct integrated full-scale mating. And yet the bigger farms prefer mating read More

Nutria animals are relatively unexplored by many breeders, because the breed them at home all dare not, although in reality no more than an undemanding and convenient for home breeding animal than that. Nutria – aquatic rodent, which has been proven and feels More

Breeding nutria as Pets for receiving and realization of meat and skins was only possible at the end of the last century. The first farms appeared only in 1980-ies, up to that time the practice was virtually unknown. At present, the nutrias are bred not only read More

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