Boring advice on feeding Pets

From screens of TVs, from the huge number of repetitive articles on the Internet, in the walls of some institutions, we are inundated daily with these or other claims about the proper feeding of Pets in the form of truths. Although many of them can, at least, debatable. Try to understand impartially.

Axiom 1. “If you want to feed your pet correctly – feed industrial feed, because it all balanced”.

It is well known that cats and dogs are predators, and to sustain and perfect condition, they need the consumption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in certain proportions with the mandatory addition of vitamins and minerals. On food packaging to find information on the ratio of these nutrients in the product. What is it? Biochemical analysis of the feed, a certain amount of some protein, some fats, some carbs. That is, the ratio of a) 20% of carbs from broccoli, 30% protein beef, 10% fat olive oil is cold pressed and b) 20% of wheat grinding, 30% of bones and hoofs, 10% of engine oil will be displayed on the label with the same inscription: carbohydrates – 20%. protein – 30% fat – 10%. What and how much is learned. the body of the animal in the first and second cases? The answer is obvious. Thus, cachestoreprivate is exactly what determines the quality and balance of food. The quality of feed determines the percentage of its digestibility, because cats and dogs live due to the fact that you learn, not by what we eat. Simply put – if 80% eaten not too delayed in the stomach and out, the pet will receive only 20% of the bag is a beautiful leg of lamb on the cover. Consequently, the balance of the received power acquired shares in the first and the second cases will be completely different.

The second point. Different feeds have different percentages of moisture, ash content, different ratio of vitamins and minerals. For example, the ash content over 8% is fraught with health problems in older or less active cats, a growing body of a puppy or kitten requires a high content of calcium, etc. Thus, in fact, balanced can only be a certain type of finished feed for each individual animal (or an individually designed program of natural food).

Conclusion and advice from “Artizan”: Our animals are fed no interest with the packaging and the actual product. Eaten and assimilated different things. The difference is in the quality ingredients. We all want our four-legged friends lived longer and happier, so the question about feeding should be taken seriously. Correct and balanced means in accordance with the physiological needs and individual characteristics (structure, health, lifestyle) of animal. It is important to learn to read the whole (not the name!) industrial feed or to find a program of natural nutrition.

Axiom 2. “If You buy dry food for your pet one brand, wet food must be of the same manufacturer, otherwise problems can not be avoided”.

However, the reasons for this nobody can tell. How dry food from one manufacturer and wet food from another manufacturer will come in opposition, is unclear. Why the ingredients in wet food of the same brand so different from the same ingredients a different brand, the same question unanswered. Still sounds more like a marketing ploy. The problem can be from bad composition of dry or wet food (see paragraph 1) or unreasonable combination of dry and wet ration. Here’s the thing: eating dry food, the animal needs water, and if dry and wet food are freely available, the thirst will quench your pet wet food – it’s tastier than water. This will lead to overeating and, consequently, to unnecessary excess weight. For this reason, “Artisan” recommends that you give pet a dry and wet food at different times.

Conclusion and advice from “Artizan”: If You and Your pet like compositions of dry and canned feed from the same manufacturer is fine, then You have found your brand. If You trust a particular manufacturer of dry food, but wet food its not like neither You nor the pet – nothing prevents You to use for feeding dry and wet food of various brands. But don’t forget about the rules of adding wet food to dry (at different times!) and carefully read the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Axiom 3. “This food the vet recommends, which means he is the best/most useful/of harm will not be exact”.

Veterinarians can specialize in dietetics, to engage in serious research in the field of feeding domestic animals, which involves hundreds of hours of theoretical and practical tests. But such specialists are very few. Average veterinarian in the course of the educational process has 3-5 hours of nutrition for the semester in which the fundamental things are taught. Veterinarians are professionals in their field, veterinary medicine, surgery, dentistry, their work of caring for the life and health of our Pets, but to understand related fields, such as, for example, nutrition, no obligation. To explain why veterinary clinics are banners such feed, we believe, unnecessarily.

Conclusion and advice from “Artizan”: You are very lucky, if You were lucky enough to meet a veterinarian-nutritionist at the clinic. If not, seek advice in selecting a feed for the feeding of domestic animals.

In the next part the most useful tips talk about the feed in bulk, the difference in the pricing of feed and the feeding rate.

This combination is really desirable. The amount of dry food that You give your pet, You regulate. Adding to the diet more porridge, soup, it is easy to overfeed the dog. Daily feeding rate shown on the packaging of Your food, always approximate, because each animal your activity level and lifestyle. Therefore, to begin to feed a new food should be according to the norms, and then to decrease or increase, depending on the condition of the dog. How is this determined? In healthy neperechislenie dog’s taut belly, the body – muscular, ribs not visible, but the transition from the stomach to the pelvic part is pronounced. A good appetite is an indicator of health. Sometimes as a treat to give the dog a piece of raw, better too frozen, beef. But to get involved even in this indulgence, in any case, it is not necessary (and if the dog is healthy and does not suffer from the sensitivity of the digestive tract, etc. otherwise to comply with monotonous, a properly selected diet must be strictly and rigorously). We will try to uncover this subject more in the following parts of boring tips.

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