Animals and plants of Africa

Africa is a continent that occupies a fifth of the Earth’s land. There are about 100 kinds of animals and 1,500 species of birds, the flora of the continent are also quite varied.

In different climatic zones can be found original and different from each other the plants of Africa. In more arid regions inhabited by the “stone” green people who look like freakish boulder. Also here grow amazing plants, their leaves reach a height of over three meters. The tropics are populated by bamboo, lianas, ferns, and other trees.

In order to preserve the unique plants of Africa, the state directs a lot of funds to create reserves and parks.

Certainly, the original green inhabitant of this continent can be considered as breadfruit . Many people think that the name of the plant derives from the fact that it grows on bread. But this is not so. The fact that the fruit of the tree according to your taste is very reminiscent of this sweet product.

Another plant that grows on the continent – mango tree . Its sweet, juicy fruit has become a favorite dish of many people. And the most popular dish of the indigenous inhabitants – fried mango with potatoes.

Bamboo also grows in Africa. It is found on the mainland quite often, and often the trees can reach a height of nine homes.

Baobab . Not all rastenijami are long term residents that cannot be said about the baobab. On the continent there is a plant, which is about 5000 years. It is 22 meters height, circumference of the trunk is 47 meters, the circumference of the crown is 145 meters.

Bananas . Another tasty dish coming from Africa and known worldwide. In Guinea you can see the fruits of reaching 60 centimeters in length.

Kalanchoe Of Degremon . Due to the unusual structure, Kalanchoe does not like all the other plants of Africa. Its peculiarity is that on each leaf there is a variety of germs with its root system, allowing them to exist separately. And the juice of Kalanchoe is considered a healing tool.

Palm trees . Describing plants in Africa, not to mention palms. These trees have a balsa structure, so that bending in a strong wind, they are able to touch its tip to the earth. But the main thing that attracts people to this plant is its delicious, aromatic fruit called the coconut.

Plants and animals of Africa are diverse and unique. Let us consider some representatives of the animal world.

Cobra. This snake can reach a length of 1.5 meters, it has a monochrome amber-yellow with a transverse brown stripe, located on the neck. It lives mainly in South Africa and belongs to the category of the most dangerous animals of Africa.

In the Eastern parts of the continent can be found crocodiles. Reptiles differ huge size, but some specimens can reach heights of over 6 meters and weigh a ton.

Another animal living in water – the Hippo. The native population calls him the Lord of waters . To meet the Behemoth in Western, southern and Eastern parts of the continent, and on the banks of the river Nile. The animal eats mainly plants, but also for people it represents a considerable danger.

Elephant. Is considered the heaviest and largest land mammal on earth. With his long trunk, these unique animals are able to nibble the grass, pluck the leaves from the trees and feel the smells. Now these animals live mainly in protected national parks and reserves.

Lev. Since ancient times, this animal is called the king of beasts. These animals hunt both day and night, in flocks and singly. Count about 23 thousand individuals, most of which lives in national parks. However, a small troop of lions can be found on West Africa.

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