Achatina snails: the content in the home

What kind of pet does not make noise, not stomping, not the sofa pulls, does not bite, does not fade, makes no sound, unpretentious in food and pretty funny looks? Her eyes are on sticks, and the house she wears on her back. It is a snail. The easiest in life kind of snail is the African snail Achatina.

They look very funny – the eyes are elongated, the neck is long, no nose, no ears, and across her mouth. They have no “boys” or “girls”, these snails are hermaphrodites, which means they have characteristics of both genders. When it comes time to breed, the “mother” becomes the snail, which is older and larger. If they are the same size, then both the snails can become and mom, and dad, and bring a double set of offspring. Love Achatina water and moisture, they like to bathe in lukewarm water, you can wash them with your hands under the tap, and you can make a small “pool” in their terrarium or aquarium improvised, for example to dig a bar of soap and fill with water.

The soil in the aquarium for snails it’s best to use peat, and change as necessary, every two to three months. The height of the soil layer should be such that the snail could dig into it entirely. Well these coconut substrate that is easy to maintain optimal humidity the snails. Don’t forget to close the aquarium lid, and the snail could escape. In the aquarium it is necessary to maintain high humidity, for example splashing against the walls of the sprayer,and make sure that the temperature was not less than 24-22°C, preferably more. Achatina – tropical dwellers, and although they can tolerate cool air, for example buried in the ground, but if they are uncomfortable – can hibernate.

Leftover food from the aquarium clean, because at high temperature and humidity they can quickly mold. Achatina love cucumbers and greens, bananas, carrots, beets, cabbage and other fruits and vegetables. Eat a little cottage cheese and cheese, green peas or any cereal. And generally they are quite omnivorous.

In our cold country they can live only in warm cozy aquariums, and can’t live and breed in natural conditions in our climate. But in warm countries they constitute a national disaster, because you can eat all the greens, all the plants and even plaster of the houses. Because mouth Achatina tens of thousands of teeth, and she eats compared to its size very much. In terms of human proportions – she would have a bucket a day.

In addition to vegetables, fruits and herbs to Achatina necessarily need the calcium for the construction of the house. With a shortage of calcium their shells become brittle, translucent, the snail can easily damage it, and without armor she would not be able to survive. Calcium you can give her cheese, stolzenau eggshells, or crushed tablets of calcium, and regular school chalk. The snail can grow up to 30 centimetres in length and weight to reach up to one kilogram. It’s no wonder Achatina is called giant because it is the largest land gastropod mollusk. Live Achatina to 9 years, and grow throughout our lives. To overfeed a snail’s impossible, she eats exactly what she needs.

Little olidata eat each day, and adult snails, it helps to feed twice a week. If conditions are unfavorable, insufficient humidity and temperature, not enough food – the snail becomes dormant, sealed in the sink, and when conditions are good, can Wake up. So you can safely leave your pet when going on holiday, and for this advance, gradually reduce the amount of food and water, put the aquarium to a cooler location. To Wake her up you can gently wash it with warm water.

Achatina does not smell, and even her excrement doesn’t stink. It can be seen a short distance, literally a few inches. Bright light snails don’t like, in addition, they see not only the eyes but the whole body, because their skin is light-sensitive cells. During the day snails sleep, buried in the ground, hiding under a snag or glued to the lid of the opaque aquarium, and at night walks and eats. Another fun feature Achatina – the armor takes the shade of eaten food. If you feed them only green or only red food, armor is the same color and eaten their vegetables.

Now you know how to bring home the perfect pet – a snail Achatina. Snails are sold at the price from 50 to 200 rubles per individual. If you wish to increase your numbers – you need two snails and a lot of space. Puberty comes at them in six months to a year, depending on growth rate and conditions. By the way, the copulative organs are found on the neck! The courtship ritual is very interesting to observe. The young snails required more attentive care than adults. The contemplation of crawling snails relieves stress is not worse than the fish tank. And if you want to have in the house is unpretentious pet – this crustacean for you!

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